Fantasy Football Love/Hate Week 1

Quarterback Love:

Jared Goff

The Colts defense is just bad. The starting cornerback lining up across from Sammy Watkins is Darryl Morris. Goff is going to shred the Colts secondary with the help of Todd Gurley opening up the passing game with big runs. 19 points.

Cam Newton

Facing a 49er defense who allowed an average of 250 passing yards per game last year Cam is poised for a big week. The 49ers’ front seven will push the Panthers into a passing game that will help Cam put up big numbers. 25 points.

Quarterback Hate:

Aaron Rodgers

The Seahawks defense is back. Earl Thomas is healthy, and they are getting on a role this year. Always tough to hate such an elite quarterback, but this week I would keep him on the bench. 15 points.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is always overhyped going into the season. We expect this to be the same this year. His offensive line is as weak as it has ever been and to make matters worse he is going up against a pretty solid Green Bay Packers’ defense. 13 points.

Running back Love:

Christian McCaffrey

Even though the 49ers’ defense is much improved with the additions of Reuben Foster and Solomon Thomas, they have nobody who can guard McCaffrey in coverage. One move and the Stanford product is gone, you can count on over 100 yards from scrimmage. 14 points.

Lesean McCoy

Lesean McCoy is in for a big year, and it starts with an incredible matchup against the Jets. This whole year the Jets are going to be impressively bad. The Bills should put this game away in the first quarter which will lead to them running the ball the rest of the game to ice the clock. Expect Shady to get north of 25 carries and find the endzone at least once. 22 points.

Running back Hate:

Lamar Miller

Lamar Miller is going to struggle all year in this poor Texans offense. This game is just the beginning. The Jaguars beefed up their defense with Calais Campbell, look out for a shutout in this one. 4 points.

Devonta Freeman

Devonta Freeman is a solid player but he is in a situation where he will not get as many touches as most of the running backs on the love list. The Falcons have shown a willingness in the past to use Tevin Coleman so Devonta could lose many of his touches this week. 6 points.

Wide Receiver Love:

Mike Evans

The man is 6 foot 5, and with Desean Jackson on the opposite side they can’t bring as much help for the corner. If you ever doubt Mike Evans in 1-on-1 coverage, go take a look at what he did to Richard Sherman last year. Watch out for this offense once Doug Martin comes back. 16 points.

Martavis Bryant

Playing on a super powered offense that averaged 25 points a game last year Bryant is back and looking poised for a very successful year. He gets 25% of the targets on a team that loves to throw the deep ball so facing an extremely weak Cleveland defense, I love Martavis this week. 20 points.

Wide Receiver I Hate:

Jordy Nelson

Great receiver, probably going to have a great year. Not a good week 1 lies ahead though. He’s matching up against a great Seahawks secondary that is making a huge resurgence this year. Don’t expect much from him. 7 points.

Keenan Allen

Allen is injury-prone to say the least. I don’t anticipate him to be able to sustain playing an entire game. Going up against a hard hitting defense like Denver it is doubtful that he lasts even the full first half. If he manages to play the whole game without getting injured then he will still have the best secondary in the league locking him up. 4 points.

Tight End Love: Greg Olsen

Olsen has a great matchup this week facing a weak San Francisco secondary. He is a lock for ten targets a game and a red zone favorite for Cam Newton. 12 points.

Tight End Hate: Hunter Henry

Henry is a talented player entering his sophomore year but facing the Broncos defense is a tall order. Gates is also still in the picture and will take away a couple targets from him. Although I do love him in later matchups this season, I think he will struggle Week 1. 4 points.