Fantasy Football Love/Hate Week 2

First off the Israeli Hammer (Matan Ziv) would like to say I told you so to everyone who thought loving Jared Goff was a bad choice. He absolutely showed up, made some nice throws to Cooper Kupp and looked terrific. Look out for many predictions that will make you confused until you wake up monday morning and realize you have free insight to the mind of a pure genius.


In case anyone was worried about our credibility, compare us to the “experts”. By our estimation Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate last week was just 11/27 on picks. For comparison we went 7/13 on our picks. So if you’re looking for fantasy advice, look no further.


Quarterback Love:


Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers had decent week against the incredible Seahawks secondary so look out for a monster week from him against the Falcons. This matchup is poised to be a shootout and that favors Aaron Rodgers against a disappointing Falcons secondary. 25 points.


Matthew Stafford

Dak Prescott embarrassed this Giants secondary last week. This week, the Lions’ Matthew Stafford gets the chance at the Giants secondary after throwing for four touchdowns against the solid Arizona defense. I also don’t see the Lions being able to run the ball whatsoever so Stafford will get lots of attempts in. 19 points.


Quarterback Hate:


Dak Prescott

Dak is going up to Denver to face a stout Broncos secondary that kept Philip Rivers under 300 yards. The cornerback duo of Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. should lock up the Cowboys receivers and keep Dak under 10 points. 8 points.


Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford looked really good last week. But that was against the Saints secondary. His success won’t continue against the much improved Steelers defense. Expect the Vikings offense to regress a lot in week two. 12 points.


Running Back Love:


Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch had an impressive return to the NFL last week against a pretty good Titans defense. The Raiders said they wanted to ease him into the game so he didn’t get overwhelmed. I expect this week for Marshawn to go back to being beastmode this week. The Jets suck they allowed 150 total yards to LeSean McCoy who is a running back of similar caliber to Marshawn. He will go off this week for 140 yards and 2 TDs, 22 points.


Jay Ajayi

Ajayi is ready to dominate the Chargers this week after having week 1 off. His physical running style is going to punish the Chargers defense after a short week. 21 points.


Running Back Hate:


Frank Gore

No Andrew Luck. No David Johnson. This game is going to be absolutely disgusting. The Cardinals have a solid front 7 who will dominate the Colts weak offensive line. 5 points.


Isaiah Crowell

The Crow struggled against the Steelers in week one but was saved by a big catch and a two point conversion. His poor 1.9 yards per carry does not bode well when facing a good Ravens front seven. 5 points.


Wide Reciever Love:


Ted Ginn Jr.

Did you see Tyreek Hill against the Patriots secondary? They were focused on stopping Travis Kelce, just like they will be focused on Michael Thomas. That creates a lot of space for the speedy Ginn Jr. to toast the Patriots. I trust Drew Brees to find him many times deep down the field. 14 points.


Mike Evans

He is a 6 foot 5 beast. The Bears are really bad and he is really good. Jameis will throw him the ball and he will catch it, many times. 20 points.


Wide Receiver Hate:


Dez Bryant

As surprising as this may sound, Dez Bryant may already be on the decline. Dak also doesn’t take enough deep shots for Dez to be successful. Expect the dominant Broncos defense to shut him down and prevent any X’s on Sunday. 4 points.


Michael Thomas

Bill Belichick has a history of shutting down a team’s best weapon and forcing others to beat him. He will employ this strategy on Michael Thomas and shut him down. 3 points.


Tight End Love:


Rob Gronkowski

The Saints vs. Patriots game has shootout written all over it and Rob Gronkowski will take advantage of that. The Saints have never been able to stop opposing receivers and Gronkowski is one of the more talented ones they’ve faced in years. Expect Tom Brady to throw the ball more than 40 times and ten of them to go to Gronk. 16 points.


Tight End Hate:


Jason Witten

Both Hunter Henry and Antonio Gates had poor performances against the Broncos. The Denver defense is more than capable of shutting down the aged veteran in Witten. I simply don’t see Witten producing anything in this game. 2 points.