Staff vs. student basketball game ends in 22-14 blowout

The Paly staff poses for the camera after its 22-14 rout over the senior team

Alys Olmstead

The Paly staff poses for the camera after its 22-14 rout over the senior team

Garrett Reynolds, Staff Writer

On Thursday, during the winter rally, the staff dominated the students by a final score of 22-14. The low scoring basketball game was defined by turnovers and missed shots.

One of the only bright spots of the game for the student team was the first quarter, in which the students outscored the staff 7-1. The quarter featured four points from Blake Smith (‘14) and a buzzer beater three pointer from John Young (‘14).

The rest of the game was dominated by the Staff, who in the second quarter outscored the students 15-2. The moment the quarter started Craig Tuana took the ball straight to the hoop for an uncontested layup. The dominating quarter featured Tuana along with superintendent Kevin Skelly making layup after layup.

To make matters worse for the student team, Tuana also made a three pointer that changed the tone of the game. As the second quarter came to an end, the scoreboard read 16-7 in favor of the staff.

At halftime Arne Lim called his son Anthony Lim (’14) out to the court for a one-on-one game.

“It was a little nerve racking,” Anthony Lim said.

As the rumble of the crowd died down after Anthony’s 5-2 victory over his father.

“It’s a fun game in the first place..It’s a good chance for some father son time” Arne Lim said.

As silence fell on the gym after the one-on-one game,  referees Josh Bloom and Matt Fogarty (‘14) were ready to start the second half. Down nine points in a low scoring affair, the student team had their work cut out for them.

The third quarter was high speed but was ridden with turnovers. In the four minute quarter there were a total of thirteen turnovers. When all was said and done the score that quarter was 2-0 which put the overall score at 18-7.

With only four minutes left time was running out for the student team. In the fourth quarter the staff put in their top squad led by Tuana.

As the quarter commenced Ziv Schwartz (‘14) pulled up and made a three. After a steal by the students Schwartz spotted up in the corner and made his second consecutive three which energize the rowdy student section.

As the clock was winding down and hit two minutes the scoreboard read 18-13 in favor of the Staff. The consecutive play Tuana sole the basketball and took it the length of the court  for the score. A few more jump shots were made, but the clock wound down and struck zero, with the scoreboard read 22-14.