A Family Company

A Family Company

Priscilla Bell and Hayley Poore

November 1, 2013

Twins often grow up doing a lot together - wearing the same clothes as kids or playing the same sport. It wasn’t any different for Matt and Brandon Johnson. From junior high to the National Team, the two were always playing water polo together. Now, coaching jobs at rival high schools have caused ...

Hansen: the man behind the mustache

Hansen: the man behind the mustache

Pippa Raffel, Staff Writer

December 15, 2012

He is pretty hard to miss. Standing at 6 feet 1 inch tall, with dark sunglasses, a puffy mustache and a booming chuckle, Paly head football coach Earl Hansen has led the Vikings to 195 wins, four Central Coast Section titles and two California State Bowl Game appearances in 27 seasons. He was also name...

From Center Court to Sidelines

From Center Court to Sidelines

Jacob Lauing, Staff Writer

March 11, 2011

One year ago Nate Bills ('12) stood tall at center court in Palo Alto High School's big gym, dressed in a full green and white uniform, post-warm-up sweat drops on his forehead, basketball at his side and ready to play, as he assumed the role of a captain and led the 2009-2010 frosh-soph basketball team...

Finding the strike zone

Peter Johnson

June 1, 2009

The story of Paly’s varsity baseball team reminds one of the parable of the “Blind Men and the Elephant”. An old Indian tale, the “Blind Men and the Elephant” is a story about a group of blind men who all touch different parts of one elephant to learn what it is like. Because each person is...

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