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Raising the Bar

Andrew Lau (‘14) flashes a smile for the camera during his lifting workout in the Paly weightroom. Lau trains in the weightroom after school ends almost everyday for up to two hours.

Sheila Subramanian, Staff Writer

December 2, 2013

Standing at just 5’10” and 161 pounds, Palo Alto High School’s Andrew Lau (‘14) is able to bench a whopping 220 pounds, squat almost twice his bodyweight at 315 pounds, and deadlift 365 pounds. Lau excels in a sport that remains unfamiliar to many people, powerlifting. Powerlifting is a strength...

Indecent Exposure: Swimsuit Edition

Coach Brandon Johnson observes varsity water polo players Kian McHugh ('14), Sheila Subramanian ('15) and Omri Newman ('14) as they struggle to deck change in order to be timely for practice.

Sheila Subramanian, Staff Writer

October 4, 2013

Let’s be honest. It isn’t very often that you see a water polo player, swimmer, or diver not walking around in their revealing attire at practice. It’s simple: these sports have made us increasingly comfortable with fewer clothes on. Commonly known as a “deck change”, more and more aquatic...

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