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Full Court Stress

Full Court Stress

Lauren Koyama and Quinn Knoblock

February 18, 2016

Wake up. Go to school. Study. Sleep. Repeat. As the end of the semester approaches, this seems to be the daily life of many high school students. The overload of school work and stress without the proper rest needed for a healthy lifestyle leads students to become consumed by anxiety and stress. As...

Viking Workout

Single Leg Squats:  Start with your legs about shoulder width apart. Extend one leg straight out while bending the opposite knee. Reach with the hand that is on the side your knee is bending. You want to try and make a parallel line with the extended knee and your outreached hand.    (TIP: Lean forward so your weight is pushing towards your extended leg to stay balanced)  3-4 sets of 10

Talia Moyal

March 11, 2011

The Viking prides itself in being a magazine full of athletes. This issue we decided to explore what makes us athletes and how we prepare our bodies for competition. We spoke to Brian Fox and Nick Weiss, two certified personal trainers at Equinox Fitness Club, in Palo Alto, as well as Aaron Ryan, Eq...

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