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And we’re off: College football kick-off

The Stanford Cardinal football team started the season ranked at No. 4 in the country and beat San Jose State 34-13 in its home opener.

Zach Rizk, Columnist

September 8, 2013

There really aren’t many things that I love as much as college football. Questionably better than my prized Chick-Fil-A, it's easy for me to acknowledge the month of September, of college football, as the most wonderful time of year. This year, it didn't take long for the action to get rolling. Wi...

College players not living up to their commitments

Tyrann Mathieu was only one of many NCAA football players that recently was suspended from playing this season. Mathieu was a 2011 Heisman finalist and was considered to be a key defensive back of the LSU Tigers.

Josh Stern, Staff Writer

September 10, 2012

As college football's publicity rises, the number of student athletes banned, suspended or arrested increases as well. Last year, ESPN was flooded with tabloid stories concerning players who got in trouble. Public intoxication, possession and usage of drugs and resisting arrest are just some of the headlines...

Meet Matt Tolbert: the man behind the goatee

Charlotte Biffar, Staff Writer

September 8, 2011

Matt Tolbert (‘13), a new transfer student from Michigan and football player at Palo Alto High School.  He is a starting safety and backup running back for the Vikes.  Tolbert was kind enough sit down with The Viking to share his impressions of Paly. What was your first impression of Palo Alt...

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