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The Great Debate: Washington Redskins

Gillian Chryst and Alex Murray

December 2, 2013

Time for a change The recent controversy over the Washington Redskins name has created a media frenzy. It’s time to end the disprution and change the name once and for all.  What happens when the sheer joy of sports and the political correctness of society collide? Turn on ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports ...

Sparta Sports Science Lab

Sparta Sports Science Lab

James Harrison, Staff Writer

October 10, 2012

At first glance, Teresa Noyola and Jeremy Lin might appear to have little in common besides their high school. However, another similarity remains. Both of them take part in workouts at Menlo Park’s Sparta Performance Science, the only sports science lab in the Bay Area where professional and amat...

Suck for Luck

Suck for Luck

Austin Poore, Staff Writer

November 16, 2011

The end of every sports season brings with it a heightened sense of urgency for nearly all teams involved, which is why it is often called a “race to the finish.” Whether they are competing for first place, a berth in the playoffs or to avoid the embarrassment of relegation to a lower league, c...

The Viking tries Ike’s

The Viking tries Ike's

Peter Dennis and Shannon Scheel, Columnists

October 11, 2011

So starts another year of Viking Tries. And believe us when we say we have large shoes to fill. Not only were Dustin Nizamian’s (‘11) feats legendary (LIGHTNING BOLT!), but I only have so many funny t-shirts to rival his. So Shannon here decided we should try out the legendary Ike’s Place right...

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