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Live blog: Volleyball defeats Marymount for CIF Division I State Championship

Left to right: Becca Raffel (14), Maddie Kuppe (12), Kimmy Whitson (12) and Caroline Martin (12), celebrate a strong win in the first game against Marymount.
Left to right: Becca Raffel (’14), Maddie Kuppe (’12), Kimmy Whitson (’12) and Caroline Martin (’12), celebrate a strong win in the first game against Marymount.

Note: The live blog will update information every few minutes during the State Championship game. The most recently updated information will be at the top of this page. Scroll down to read chronologically.

(10:17 p.m.) Wade hits a kill deep right to put Paly up 16-14. Marymount hits a kill long. Paly wins the 2011 State Title 17-15.

(10:16 p.m.) Sailors serve into the net. 15-14 Paly. Palys block goes out of bounds. Score tied at 15. The winner must win by 2.

(10:14 p.m.) Wade finds court on Sailor defense. The score is tied at 13. Paly is up 14-13. Marymount gets a kill and the score is tied at 14.

(10:13 p.m.) Kuppe serving. Paly blocks an attempted kill. Score at 13-11. Kuppe serves an ace to put the score at 12-13 Marymount.

(10:10 p.m.) Kuppe hits a line shot out. Sailors up 13-7 after a double call on Paly. Violation on the Sailors, Paly serving while down 8-13. A hit out by the Sailors puts the score at 13-9. A tight block out by the Sailors puts the score at 13-10. Time out.

(10:08 p.m.) The Sailors earn two kills. Time out. Sailors up 11-7.

(10:07 p.m.) Sailors are up 9-5. Kuppe gets soft kill to the left back to gain Paly momentum. Paly down 9-6. Martin with a huge kill down the middle. 9-7.

(10:04 p.m.) After back-and-forth play, Paly struggles on defense. The Sailors are up 8-5 Paly. Time out.

(10:01 p.m.) Wade with a kill. 4-3 in the fifth game. Paly with a digging error to put Marymount up 5-3. Whitson with a short kill to put Paly only down one. 5-4 Sailors. Marymount gets a front row kill straight down. 6-4 Sailors. Marymount doubles off a tough dig. Sailors are up 6-5.

(10:00 p.m.) Martin with a monster kill. Paly down 1-3. Whitson and Martin put up a block against Marymount offense. The score is 4-2.

Fans observe the CIF Division I State Championship game.

(9:58 p.m.) Game Five: Marymount starts off game five with a kill. After Paly is called on a lift, the Sailors lead 2-0 in the fifth game. Sailors get an ace, 3-0.

(9:56 p.m.) The Division I State Championship is tied between the Vikings and Sailors 2-2. The next game will go to 15 (win by 2) and decide the 2011 State Champion team.

(9:53 p.m.) Kuppe’s hit is blocked down by Marymount defense. After ball shanks off Kuppe’s arm, the Sailors captured the fourth game with a final score of 25-20. The match will go to a fifth and final game to 15 for the State final title.

(9:51 p.m.) Paly funs get pumped as Kuppe hits a kill against the Sailors. 22-19 Marymount. Wade hits another kill to put the score at 22-20. Time out.

(9:50 p.m.) Marymount gets a kill middle. 21-17 Sailors. Marymount outside hitter hits outside the antenna. 22-18 Marymount.

(9:47 p.m.) Kuppe hits a monster kill off of Marymount block. The score is tied at 17 in the fourth game. Whitson serves into the net to give the Sailors a one point lead. Marymount’s block is successful this time, stopping Paly’s kill. At 19-17  Sailors, Koenig tips too short to give the Sailors another point. Sailors lead 20-17.

(9:46 p.m.) Marymount’s serve is introduced to the net. Score tied at 15 until Paly shanks Marymount’s hit. Whitson hits a strong left handed kill to tie the score back up at 16.

(9:45 p.m.) Marymount’s attempted jump top spin serve goes out long. Marymount tips an overshot ball by Paly to lead 15-14.

(9:44 p.m.) Score tied at 11. Marymount outside hitter kills a shot middle to take the lead at 12-11. However, Wade retaliates with a kill to tie it up. With a tip by Wade, Paly leads 13-12.

(9:42 p.m.) Martin, a key player in the fourth game, hits a kill for Paly. Paly leads 11-9 in the fourth game and needs one more game to achieve the State title.

Middle blocker Melanie Wade ('12) serves for the Vikings. It is the fourth game.

(9:41 p.m.) Sailors have serving possession. Koenig jumps high to smack down a forceful kill for Paly. Tied at 9.

(9:40 p.m.) Whitson is serving. Marymount hits into the net after Kuppe completes a successful block during the play. Paly leading 8-7 until Whitson serves into the net to tie the game at 8.

(9:38 p.m.) After Whitson gets a close set off the net, Kuppe dinks the ball out of bounds. A Marymount block upsets Paly defense to put the Sailors ahead 7-6.

(9:37 p.m.) Wade tips short middle to switch up Lady Vike offense. The score is 6-4 Paly.

(9:35 p.m.) After Wade sets up Kuppe for the back row attack, Kuppe puts it away for the Lady Vikes to up the lead at 4-1 Paly. However, Marymount’s outside hitter hits a cross-court deep shot and another kill middle. 4-3 Paly.

(9:33 p.m.) Game Four: Lady Vikes capture the first point off of Marymount’s error. After Marymount hits a high dig over, Martin hits a dominating kill to put Paly up 2-0. After the Vikes hit it into the net, Paly gets a kill off of Sailor’s hands. 3-1 Paly.

(9:30 p.m.) Paly defense unable to retrieve Marymount block. Marymount wins the third game 25-22. Paly leads 2-1 in the State Championship.

(9:28 p.m.) Double contact called on the Lady Vikes. Marymount is one point away at 24-22. Time out.

(9:25 p.m.) Koenig sets up Wade a miraculous back set to allow Wade to kill. Martin hits out, but Wade hits a hard shot middle. Tied at 22. Marymount hits a shot off Paly’s block and leads 23-22.

(9:24 p.m.) Paly leads 20-19 in the third game. 5 more points t o capture the State title. Kuppe’s serve lingers on the net before falling, giving Marymount a point. Score tied at 20.

(9:22 p.m.) Marymount serves into the net. Knowles is serving. 18-17 Sailors. Martin hits a kill off Marymount’s libero. Score tied at 18.

(9: 21 p.m.) Delay of game called on the Lady Vikes in their attempt to substitute. 17-16 Marymount.

(9:20 p.m.) Marymount serves long to give Paly a point. With Paly’s attempt to block Marymount offense, the ball goes out of bounds. Paly retaliates and the score is tied at 15. However, Martin serves out. 16-15 Marymount.

(9:19 p.m.) Martin stuffs an attempted Marymount kill. But Paly serves out and the score is tied at 13 in the third game of the State finals.

(9:17 p.m.) Kuppe gets an ace to put the score at 11-9 Lady Vikes. Marymount gets the sideout and is serving. Paly called on a double contact, the score is tied at 11.

(9:14 p.m.) Kuppe gets a strong kill left court. But after Paly is called for four contacts, the score is 9-7.

(9: 12 p.m.) Marymount offense ramps up. 7-5 Paly. After the Sailors block Paly offense, the score is 7-6. Time out Paly.

Jackie Koenig ('12) serves for the Vikings. Koenig served in crunch time, to put her team back on top.

(9: 11 p.m.) After Wade served, Marymount attempted a kill into Paly’s block that was shot down. 7-3 Paly in the third game.

(9:09 p.m.) Marymount is unable to dig Wade’s kill. But after Marymount gets a kill short middle, the score is 5-3 Paly.

(9:07 p.m.) Game Three: Back row violation called on Paly to give Marymount the first point. After Martin gets cross-court kill, the score is tied at 1. Martin blocks an attempted kill by Marymount, and Marymount hits a ball too far left. 3-1 Paly.

(9:05 p.m.) Kuppe secures the second game 25-23 in a close back-and-forth play with a kill short left. Paly is leading the CIF Division I State Championship 2-0. The Lady Vikes need to win one more game to earn the State title.

(9:04 p.m.) Marymount gets a kill deep right. 24-23 Paly.

(9:02 p.m.) Game point for the Vikings at 24-22. Time out Marymount.

(9:01 p.m.) Wade tips short middle. The score is 22-21 Paly.  After Kuppe hits a ball off of Marymount hands, and Marymount retaliates with a kill, the score is 23-22 Paly.

(8:58 p.m.) Koenig is serving for the Lady Vikes. Marymount hits a ball deep out of bounds. The second game is tied at 19.

(8:55 p.m.) A lift is called on Marymount. Shortly after, Marymount finds court to get a kill. After Marymount’s block goes out of bounds, the score is tied at 17 in the second game of the match.

(8:53 p.m.) Martin and Koenig put up a mean block against Marymount offense. Directly after, Martin had a strong kill to shake the Sailor’s defense. The score is 16-15 Marymount.

(8:51 p.m.) Wade finds open court middle to give the Lady Vikes a point. But Marymount hits off of Paly hands to make the score 15-11 Marymount.

(8:49 p.m.) Marymount leads 14-10.

(8:46 p.m.) Marymount has serving possession with a lead over Paly. With a net violation on Paly, the score is 9-7 Marymount.

(8:44 p.m.) Marymount and Paly serve into the net back-to-back. 5-4 Marymount.

Libero Shelby Knowles ('13) digs for the Vikings in the CIF Division I State Championship game. The Vikings won game one 25-17. Photo by Paige Borsos.

(8:42 p.m.) Marymount sends an attempted kill long. After Wade serves, Marymount had a strong kill center. 3-3 Paly.

(8:40 p.m.) Game Two: Marymount gets a kill left against Paly defense. After the Sailors served a ball deep giving Paly its first point, they gained another kill on the Lady Vikes. 2-1 Marymount.

(8:36 p.m.) Paly wins game one of the CIF Division I State Championship 25-17 after Kuppe gets an ace for the Lady Vikes, reminiscent of her serving abilities under pressure during the 2010 State Championship when she served the final two aces to capture the crown.

(8:35 p.m.) Paly leads 23-17 after Marymount block goes out of bounds and Martin secures a kill.

(8:31 p.m.) After Martin serves an ace for Paly, Marymount’s outside hitter hit a shot deep. 19-13 Paly.

(8:29 p.m.) Setter Kimmy Whitson (’12) had a big block for the Lady Vikes but Marymount offense was able to pick it up and send a tip over to Paly’s side. The Sailors serve out. The score is 18-12 Paly.

(8:27 p.m.) Opposite hitter Caroline Martin (’12) hits a short kill to put Paly up 13-7. Wade gets a clean tip off of Marymounts hands. The score is 16-7.

(8:25 p.m.) Marymount gets kill off of Wade. Paly middle blocker Jackie Koenig (’12) gets a kill deep middle to put the score at 12-5 Paly.

(8:23 p.m.) Wade gets a kill down the middle. Paly leads 10-4.

The Volleyball team cheers before it's game against Marymount. Paly commanded the first game, winning 25-17. Photo by Paige Borsos.

(8:22 p.m.) Back-to-back kills from both sides of the net, the score is 7-1 Paly. After Wade tips middle and Marymount gets a kill short right court, the Vikings lead 8-2.

(8:19 p.m.) Paly leads 4-0 after the Marymount shanks ball out.

(8:17 p.m.) Game One: Middle blocker Melanie Wade (’12) gets the first kill for Paly. Paly has a 3-0 lead after an unforced hitting error by the Sailors.

(7:43 p.m.) The Lady Vikes are warming up. The game is set to start at about 8:17 p.m.

(7:32 p.m.) The Division II awards ceremony is in session. The Lady Vikes will warm up shortly.

(7:11 p.m.) The Division II match is going to a fifth game. The Paly v.s Marymount Division I match will begin afterwards.

(7:00 p.m.) The Paly State Championship game is delayed due to a prolonged match in the Division II State Championship match between the La Costa Canyon Mavericks and Presentation High School.


Tonight, either the Vikings or the Sailors will be crowned as State Champions. The Palo Alto High School girls’ varsity volleyball (35-3, 12-0)  team will compete against the Marymount High School Sailors (34-4, 8-0) for the CIF Division I State Championship.

The Viking will be live blogging the match from Concordia College in Irvine at 7 p.m. with pictures and updates. Follow @thevikingmag on twitter to receive game updates as well.

For an opinionated preview of tonight’s match, click here.

Check out the Lady Vikes arrival to Concordia University:

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