Girls’ lacrosse crushes Pioneer, 16-3


Paul Bienaimé

Allie Peery sprints and dodges past a Pioneer midfielder on Tuesday night. The Vikings went on to win the game 16-3 to keep their undefeated record.

Julia Saul and Paul Bienaimé

On Tuesday night, girls’ lacrosse dominated Pioneer High School at Paly’s home field. Their strong defense only allowed three goals from Pioneer, resulting in a end score of 16-3.

Anna Dairaghi (‘13), Kristen Destefano (‘14), Ami Drez (‘14), and Julia Farino (‘13) each put numbers on the board early in the first quarter. Within the first few minutes of the game Paly was able to take a lead of 4-0 as the Pioneers were struggling defensively.

Charlotte Biffar (’13) continued the scoring rally with another goal bringing the game to a score of 5-0. Drez then scored a sixth goal and proceeded to assist Biffar in the seventh goal of the game. Nina Kelty (‘13) then took a shot on goal which rebounded back to her where she quickly put it into the back of the net. Kelty then assisted Biffar with a goal bringing the score to 9-0.

The Pioneer Mustangs began to wake up with several shots on goal blocked by goalie Emma Beckstrom (‘13). Then, off a penalty, the Mustangs made an eight-meter shot for their first goal of the game. As the Pioneer netted their first goal, Beckstrom came out of the game due to an injury. Kelty then stepped up and took Beckstrom’s spot in the cage.

The Lady Vikes entered halftime leading the game 9-1.

Julia Farino (’13) gets away after scooping a ground ball. Farino scored one goal of the 16 scored against Pioneer High School.

“We always pull back a bit during the second half,” coach Jamie Nesbitt said. “ I think that out here people are a little sensitive to goal differential and really a 10-15 goal game isn’t uncommon but I think its not necessary to really go 100% for the entire game or second half in terms of scoring as many as you can.”

Biffar started off the Vikes strong with a goal that was quickly countered by the Mustangs, who scored a goal of their own. Claire Chevallier (‘15) then responded with a goal that was followed by Biffar again. Pioneer High School quickly gained possession to score their third goal of the game, bringing the score to 12-3.

Strong defense for the rest of the game prevented the Mustangs from scoring again. Drez, Destefano, Biffar, and Genevieve Lucas-Conwell (‘13) each scored a goal, bringing the game to an end with a score of 16-3.

“We did great but more communication was needed on the attack,” Lucas-Conwell said. “Defense did awesome in getting the ball back.”

The Vikings look to take on the Los Gatos Wildcats (0-6) at Paly on Thursday at 7pm.