Softball inches by Woodside, 3-2


Priscilla Bell

Julia Saul (’14) pitched the whole game for the Vikings. Saul totaled five strikeouts in the contest.

Priscilla Bell, Staff Writer

Paly girls’ softball pulled a win over Woodside 3-2 on Thursday afternoon. Strong pitching by starting pitcher Julia Saul (’14) was a key component to the Lady Vikes victory.

The Vikings showed signs of a firm defense in the first inning, with catches in the outfield by Casey Glassford (’15) and Hannah Bundy (’14) making for a quick three outs.

Assistant coach Mike Dutto commends the team’s effort in the game

“They played really well. Woodside is a good team,” Duttos said. “That pitcher is really good.”

The Vikings scored in the second inning. Autum Macareno (’15) hit a triple to right field, and Teddie Stewart (’17) followed with a bunt to score the run in. The team’s lead increased in the third inning. Kabria Dame (’15) got a walk, and Maddie Martinson (’16) hit a double to center field. Saul then hit a pop fly and Dame ran in to score, putting the Vikings ahead 2-0. Woodside only got one player on first in the fourth inning.

“I think we did really well,” Autumn Macareno (’15) said. “We played the first inning really well and didn’t let anyone get on base, which was nice. We haven’t been doing that lately.”

Dame got a walk again as the Vikings batted in the fifth inning. With Saul up to bat and two outs, a pitch went wide and Dame smoothly stole second base. Saul then hit a single but Dame was able to run all the way to home, and the Vikings’ lead went to 3-0.

In the last inning with Saul still pitching, Woodside maximized on two errors in the Viking outfield and was able to put two runs on the scoreboard. With two outs, Woodside got a hit but a play was made for the final out at second base.

Macareno knows that the team can improve on their errors that led to the runs.

“[We can improve on] definitely talking more,” Macareno said. “On the ones that I got, we didn’t communicate which was big.”

The team has greatly changed their record, now 3-2, compared to last season when they finished with a record of 3-22. 

“They’re improving,” Dutto said. “We have a long road to go from last year to this year, but they’re improving immensely. They’re making less and less mistakes out there and they’re playing with more confidence.”

To Dutto, confidence is what will help the team in future games.

“[We’ve worked on] being relaxed out there,” Dutto said. “Playing knowing that we have confidence in them so they should have confidence in themselves. That’s what we teach: fundamentals and confidence.”

The Vikings play at home against Sequoia on Saturday at 12 p.m.