Fantasy Football: Chapter 5

October 8, 2015

Chapter 4: Bye

Chapter 5: The Mythical Creature of Dan Bailey

As the Gurus sip on their Bailey’s Irish Cream (non-alcoholic of course), they reminisce upon how Dan Bailey has become a waiver-wire staple.  In the Guru’s league, Bailey must be picked up when your kicker has a bye. Here it unfolds, a game of Russian Roulette where Bailey will either put up more than 10, or less than 3.

Good luck for those who are en route to begin their Dan Bailey Journey!


Matchups from Week 3

Ben Cleasby beats Peter Snodgrass 101-86

Steven Marinkovich beats Jamie Cullen 115-104

Ethan Stern beats Dillon Scheel 132-96

Jordan Schilling beats Eric Maser 93-63

Matchups from Week 4

Steven Marinkovich beats Ethan Stern 95-89

Jordan Schilling beats Dillon Scheel 79-68

Ben Cleasby beats Jamie Cullen 80-67

Eric Maser beats Peter Snodgrass 89-78


Weekly Love/Hate Advice

Steven Marinkovich

Love: Julio Jones – Jones had a let down performance this past week, but he has a prime opportunity to bounce back this week as the Falcons take on the Redskins at home. Julio Jones is very good while the Redskins are absolutely awful. Expect a great week.

Hate: Frank Gore – Baring one week when he scored two touchdowns, Gore has been a massive disappointment this season. Even with Andrew Luck missing this week’s game, Gore is way too wingy to rely on in my opinion. Try and find a more reliable option to play as your RB2 or your flex.


Ben Cleasby

Love: Arian Foster – Foster’s going up against a gross defense in Indianapolis, who is currently one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. This is Foster’s first game back being almost completely healthy. With a good health and bad defense, the one-cut stallion should shred tonight. He’s back baby!

Hate: C.J Anderson – Anderson is wingy, Ronnie Hillman ripped off a 72-yard touchdown last week, I don’t like Anderson now and I won’t like him later.

Ethan Stern

Love: Eli Manning – When the sound waves that contain the name Eli Manning enter one’s ear, the thought that comes to mind is foul and putrid. But, this is misconception especially in an eventful fantasy football year filled with quarterback injuries. Against a Niners’ defense that will be on the field for far too long due their disgusting offense, Eli is the answer this week and the rest of the season for all teams facing quarterback troubles. I forecast Eli Manning to touch 20 or more points this week for the first time this year.

Hate: Joseph Randle – IT’S A TRAP! I know it’s so tempting to hop on the Randle bandwagon, but once again it’s a trap. Facing a petrifying New England defense, Randle’s sphincter will tighten up and his athleticism as a running back will vanish. I forecast Randle to put up a feeble six this week. Oh yeah I almost forgot, I foresee that Randle will get diagnosed for Compartment Syndrome this week, which fellow guru Peter Snodgrass has early onset signs of.


Peter Snodgrass

Love: Allen Robinson– Robinson has been a staple of Bortles’ targets, allowing him to become the team’s leading receiver.  I project this week Robinson has another coming out party against a meager Tampa Bay team.  Why do I think this? Hide your kids, hide your wife, cause Robinson is gonna come and get you.

Hate: Isaiah Crowell–  Up against Baltimore defense which has been dominant against the run, the Browns will be looking to pick apart the poor Baltimore secondary.  Also, Crowell will have to share carries with Duke Johnson, who is emerging as a top rookie running back.  Finally, I project a broken hip.


Jamie Cullen

Love: Todd Gurley – Gurley had enough talent that he was drafted 10th overall in last year’s NFL draft despite tearing his ACL. After being careful and rehabilitating his knee, Gurley is back and he performed last week with a 150 plus-yard performance that he is ready to run all over opposing defenses. He also spells his name with two d’s, which is just sick.

Hate: Jeremy Hill – Hill has a tough matchup going up against a very strong Seattle defense, as well as Giovani Bernard continuing to take some carries. Hill is gonna have a rough night unless he scores a touchdown.


Deep Sleeper of the Week

Sebastian Janikowski – Here at The Viking we love us some SeaBass. This off the grid sleeper of the week is a reward to Janikowski for being taken 17th overall in the draft as a kicker just a short 15 years ago. The mildly overweight man is always a threat to hit a 60+ yarder. RAAAAIIIDDEERRRS!


Bold Prediction of the Week – Cairo Santos to carry on and put up 20+ points again

The kicker theme carries on in this article with the Chiefs’ Cairo Santos.  After putting up 27 points last week, the Chiefs take on one of the worst teams in the league, the Chicago Bears.  The Chiefs qualify as one of those teams that are good enough to get into field goal range, but not necessarily good enough to get into the end zone.  Expect Santos to go off again.


This Week’s Matchups

Steven Marinkovich V. Dillon Scheel

Peter Snodgrass V. Ethan Stern

Ben Cleasby V. Eric Maser

Jamie Cullen V. Jordan Schilling


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