Fantasy Football: Chapter 6

October 15, 2015

Chapter 6: The Loner Donor

Recently, two very mischievous, but witty gurus tried to slip a quick one past the league.  Unfortunately, our tyrannical dictator has called for a league vote to see if our transaction is legal. The transaction, known as a loaner donor, is where two teams swap players for a short period of time, then trade them back to each other. In essence, this allows the two teams to give each other players to fill spots when they have players on a bye-week. This week, however, it is a half loaner donor, where one team is loaning a player for one week, while the either team is trading a player for the entire year.  The question is, is this a loaner donor?  Let us know in the comment section.


Matchups from Week

Steven Marinkovich beats Dillon Scheel 98-96

Ben Cleasby beats Eric Maser 86-81

Jordan Schilling beats Jamie Cullen 98-67

Peter Snodgrass beats Ethan Stern 116-103


Weekly Love/Hate Advice

Steven Marinkovich

Love: Devonta Freeman – The breakout player of the season so far is in line to have another huge week.  Despite being on the road, Freeman has a favorable matchup against the Saints, who have given up 4.5 yards per carry (YPC) to running backs this season.  Freeman could have another week in the high twenties.

Hate: Carlos Hyde – The lone bright spot in a putrid 49ers offense has been 2nd-year running back Carlos Hyde.  However, I think he’s really going to struggle this week, going up against a very tough Ravens rush defense.  He could be held to single digits this week as the 49ers continue to seep in mediocrity.


Ben Cleasby

Love: Arian Foster – I loved him last week, I’ll love him this week, and I’ll keep loving him weeks to come. This one-cut stallion has thrown on his armor, plated his head and locked in his composite hooves. Foster has become the ultimate battle horse. Who wins; a battle stallion or a weak Jaguar? The battle stallion of course! Going up against a Jacksonville defense that let the old muscle hampster, Doug Martin, muster up 33 points and allow three rushing touchdowns, Foster’s looking at sunny days and big fantasy value.

Hate: Greg Olsen – I’m old Greg! Through the first four weeks Olsen has done more than underachieve. Yes he threw up a 25 in week three, but other than that Olsen has been nothing but old news letting Cam Newton take all the glory. Facing a menacing Seattle defense, old Greg is about to drown in the eyes of the Seahawks.


Ethan Stern

Love: Lamar Miller – From week 1 to 5, Lamar Miller has taken on the role of the great grizzly bear due to his deep hibernation. But don’t forget, the mighty grizzly has to wake up at some point. Miller’s natural hibernation was scheduled to terminate around week 17, but interim coach Dan Campbell’s arrival to the 305 area code has awoken Miller, and boy, is he fuming. I forecast a passionate and aggressive 15 or more this week against a faulty Tennessee defense.

Hate: AJ Green – Terrorizing wide receivers is the reason why every member of the Bills secondary gets paid in full week in and week out. The Bills defense have earned its title of giant killers, and with AJ Green and Bengals being perfect in the win column to this point in the season, they can be dubbed as giants. With the big man on campus Rex Ryan leading the charge, I forecast Green to fade from fantasy view putting up a mere four points.


Peter Snodgrass

Love: Rob Gronkowski – Two words, Colts defense. The last three times Gronk faced this team, he has achieved 236 total yards and four total touchdowns. This season, the Colts are the 26th worst defense against tight ends.  I predict a huge game for Gronk.

Hate: Frank Gore – With Ahmad Bradshaw returning to the 317, Gore could lose a significant amount of touches. Also, in a rematch of the deflategate scandal, both teams will look to establish a pristine air attack to prove the balls are not under-inflated.


Jamie Cullen

Love: Calvin Johnson– Since apparently Todd Gurley “can’t put up points when he’s on a bye,” according to Ben Cleasby, I’m going bold with Calvin Johnson. Megatron hasn’t been himself yet this season, as he has only scored one touchdown and hasn’t put up more than 84 yards in a game yet, but expect him to turn it around this week against a weak Chicago defense.

Hate: Jamaal Charles’ Right Knee– Damn.


Deep Sleeper of the Week

Gary Barnidge – The Browns tight end has very quietly had great performances the last two weeks. As long as Josh McCown keeps performing at the high level he has been, Barnidge should remain a very viable option at tight end. Expect another solid week from him.


Bold Prediction of the Week – Tom Brady to put up 30+ fantasy points

In the past, Brady has absolutely shredded the Colts and there is no reason for change this week.  The Patriots offense will have a huge day in this potential shootout, and expect Brady to lead the way.


This Week’s Matchups

Steven Marinkovich V. Jordan Schilling

Peter Snodgrass V. James Cullen

Dillon Scheel V. Eric Maser

Ben Cleasby V. Ethan Stern


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