Fantasy Football: Chapter 14

December 10, 2015

Chapter 14: We Talking About Playoffs

We’ve made it. After 13 grueling weeks, it is officially playoff time. As the last pre-break edition of the Gurus, we will provide you with a full playoff preview.


The top six finishers of our league will battle it out in the playoffs for a cool $552 as well as a sacred trophy that will remain unnamed. On the other end, the bottom two teams will slug it out in a best-of-three series to see who will finish in last place and take home The Deuce, our toilet bowl trophy. It’s playoffs, anything can happen. Throw out regular season records and points for totals. The playoffs are a different animal and predicting the outcome is nearly impossible.


We would like to wish everyone good luck as they begin their journey and in return we hope you do the same for us.


Matchups from Week 13

Steven Marinkovich beats Eric Maser 110-46

Ben Cleasby beats Jamie Cullen 122-103

Peter Snodgrass beats Dillon Scheel 127-114

Ethan Stern beats Jordan Schilling 119-94


Final Regular Season Standings (Top six qualify for playoffs)

  1. Jordan Schilling 11-2
  2. Steven Marinkovich 10-3
  3. Peter Snodgrass 7-6
  4. Ethan Stern 7-6
  5. Ben Cleasby 7-6
  6. Dillon Scheel 4-9


  1. Jamie Cullen 3-10
  2. Eric Maser 3-10


Love/Hate List for the Playoffs

Steven Marinkovich

Love: Carson Palmer – After acquiring him in a midseason trade, Carson Palmer has done wonders for my team. The Cardinals’ quarterback has a pretty favorable schedule the rest of the way and will continue to put up big numbers. Palmer is the quarterback to ride to postseason glory.

Hate: Frank Gore – Gore hasn’t taken off as many expected since the injury to Andrew Luck and I see this trend continuing throughout the playoffs. At this point, Gore looks like a tired, worn-down 32-year-old who’s struggling out there. Don’t expect Frank to win you your league this season.


Ben Cleasby

Love: David Johnson – With his first start of the season, Johnson rushed 22 times for 99 yards and added two receptions for 21 yards and a touchdown. For his first start of his career, I’d say that’s pretty good. With Minnesota and Philly coming up, he should look to improve his game as he gains more experience. I foresee an explosion by Johnson in the playoffs.

Hate: Todd Gurley – Gurley had a very hot start to the season, throwing up big numbers almost every week. The past two weeks the Rams have struggled to get their offense going, including their run game. Through the playoffs I believe Gurley will only continue to disappoint.


Ethan Stern

Love: Jeremy Maclin – Playoff push… easy schedule… number one target… get Maclin now. The rest of Maclin’s season is going to be an explosion of points and if he’s not on your team, trade for him. This is the type of guy that can earn you some dough in the playoffs. I forecast nothing but 14+ points for the rest of the year.

Hate: Ben Roethlisberger – Big Ben has aged a bit too much and the injuries can show for it. Expect an injury to arise and his fantasy talent to go to waste. I forecast possibly one decent game followed by an injury.


Peter Snodgrass INJURED RESERVE (RKO’d by APUSH)




Winners’ Playoff Bracket

1. Jordan Schilling



4. Ethan Stern

5. Ben Cleasby


3. Peter Snodgrass

6. Dillon Scheel



2. Steven Marinkovich


The Deuce (Losers’ Playoff Matchup; Best-of-Three)

7. Jamie Cullen

8. Eric Maser


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