Fantasy Football Love/Hate Week 6


Week 5 was a brutal one. The players we loved simply protested and slept through the games and the players we hated purposely made an extra effort. We apologize but guarantee that this week will be better. Look out for a massive week from Devonta Freeman and another poor performance from Todd Gurley. Once again. You are welcome.

Quarterbacks we love:

Tom Brady

Brady continues to defy his age and put up big numbers. He is going up against a terrible Jets team so you can expect him to put up monster numbers. 24 points.

Matthew Stafford

The Lions and Saints are two offensive teams so expect a shootout down in the bayou. Stafford will lead the Lions to victory and have a huge day while doing so. 27 points.

Quarterbacks we hate:

Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben has been struggling so much all year that some Steelers fans probably wish the retirement rumors were true. Facing a talented Chiefs defense this does not look good for Big Ben and the Steelers offense. 8 points.

Eli Manning

The Broncos have one of the best defenses in the NFL and the Giants have lost their top three wide receivers. This is a recipe for disaster. 6 points.

Running Backs we love:

Devonta Freeman

Freeman is going up against a struggling Miami Dolphins team. The Falcons are coming off a bye week so you can expect Freeman to have a monster week thanks to his rest. 23 points.

Lamar Miller

Playing Cleveland. The Cleveland Browns. Not much else to say. 15 points.

Running Backs we hate:

Todd Gurley

The Jaguars defense is playing great so far in this NFL season. They are forcing a lot of turnovers and stopping opposing offenses. Expect Gurley to struggle with this challenge and lose one fumble during the game. 5 points.

LeGarrette Blount

The Panthers have a very talented front seven which is not a good sign for Blount. This game is most likely going to be a defensive battle so don’t expect Blount to put up big numbers. 4 points.

Wide Receivers we love:

Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill is probably the most explosive player in the NFL. He is facing the steelers who have been inconsistent this season.  The chiefs offense is perfect for him, expect him to have an incredible outing of 100 yards and a kick return, 16 points.

Demaryius Thomas

Thomas has had a few tough weeks to start off the season but expect him to bounce back this week. Thomas is a gifted wide receiver who will absolutely torch a struggling Giants team thanks to Trevor Siemian’s talented arm. 21 points.

Wide Receivers we hate:

Stefon Diggs

Ever since his rookie year Diggs has been a big play guy. He had a couple of big plays this year but it is becoming clear that he is not going to sustain his play this season. Last week he had 1 catch for 4 yards expect something similar, 2 catches 30 yards. 3 points.

Antonio Brown

Brown has a very tough matchup against the red hot Chiefs who have been unstoppable in the first five weeks. This game is being played in Kansas City, which might be the loudest stadium in the NFL, so the Steelers offense will struggle. Big Ben has had a rough season which will lead to Brown’s poor performance. 5 points.

Tight Ends we love:

Jordan Reed

When Reed is healthy he is one of the most unstoppable tight ends in the league. You can expect Reed to dominate in his match up against the 49ers. 15 points.

Tight Ends we hate:

Kyle Rudolph

Rudolph is a talented tight end but the Vikings are struggling offensively due to poor quarterback play. Expect him to struggle in this tough matchup against the Green Bay Packers. 3 points.