Viking’s NFL Honors

Most Hated: Miles Garrett

Myles Garrett might have done one of the most egregious acts in recent NFL history. At the end of the Brown and Steelers game, Myles Garrett ripped off the helmet of Steelers quarterback, Mason Rudolf, and proceeded to slam it down into his head. Not many people have taken Garrett’s side after his actions, and he has since been suspended indefinitely by the NFL. To some, the result of the helmet smash should be a suspension that lasts for longer than next season, for other the suspension should last even longer. No one is sure when Myles Garret will return to the NFL but we can be sure it will not be soon.

Best Mascot: Blue (Colts)

The Colts Mascot, Blue, is one of the greatest mascots throughout all of professional sports. The blue and white colt adds much to the team itself. A funny example of Blue’s on field antic is when he fainted under the goalpost as the Titans kicker drilled a game sealing field goal. Blue also has videos of him playfully stiff arming kids and jumping over them to make a tackle. While not every team has a mascot, Blue is the best of the best and adds fun and excitement to every game.

Most Drip: Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr’s. drip is the opposite of his play on the field, Odell walks through the tunnel and onto the field looking like one of the best but then proceeds to play like the rest. Odell is currently on his longest streak of consecutive games without 100 yards receiving, currently at eight. Despite his underwhelming performance on the field Odell is still walking around in goat hair cleats. Odell also arrives to games with the nicest suits and has even worn a $2.2 million  watch in game. Odell plays with more money on his body than the amount that he deserves to earning this season. However, we here at Viking believe in Odell’s ability: he was once an elite wide out before he was traded to the Browns. We believe that he will be able to return to his former glory.

Biggest Surprise: Lamar Jackson

This season, Lamar Jackson has taken the NFL by storm. Just a few months ago people questioned his ability to play  the quarterback position due to his running back style of play. But even from their first game of the season Lamar Jackson lit up the box score. Jackson has proved people who have doubted him wrong and has transformed the conversation that surrounds him. He went from being a quarterback that people thought could only run the ball to being known as one of the most elite passers in the NFL. Just in one year, Jackson has went from being a backup quarterback to a front runner in the MVP conversation.

Most Overrated: San Franciso 49ers

The 49ers have played two good teams. Faithful fans will always claim that the Niners have played more than that, however it is proved that their only quality opponents  served them losses. Even though the game looked close against the Seahawks it was a mere allusion. In over time Jimmy Garoppolo looked terrible, throwing just one completion. He threw more passes to the Seahawks then he did his team. The 49ers second loss came from the Ravens, the team that the 49ers should have been most scared of. The Ravens’ defense was good enough to stop the subpar Jimmy Garoppolo and their quarterback, Lamar Jackson, has been having a MVP caliber season. Their fears were justified after the Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, hit a field goal with the time running out to win the game.

Most Underrated: Buffalo Bills

The Bills are 9-3 right now. Yes, you heard that right. The Bills are Superbowl contenders despite a rough past couple of years. The promising sophomore quarterback, Josh Allen, might be the solution to the Bills Mafia’s recent rage because of their solid play on field. The Bills elite defense is one of the best in the NFL, allowing only 188 points over the entire season. If the Bills can get into the Wildcard round of the playoffs then the rest of the AFC should start to worry. Behind Allen’s arm and their concrete defense they are underrated and a sleeper to go far in the playoffs. If they can get past just one of the AFC‘s superpowers such as the Chiefs, Ravens, or Patriots then don’t be surprised watching them late into January.