The NBA continued their 2019-2020 season, after it being postponed due to the global pandemic of Covid 19, on July 30th, 2020. Only the top 22 of the 30 total teams were invited to the NBA Bubble in Orlando, Florida. Here are some of the crazy incidents that happened during the regular season and playoffs in the NBA Bubble. 


Annika Shah, Elif Turgut, and Emily Neumann


During Game 6 of the Houston Rockets versus the Oklahoma City Thunder series, a virtual fan decided it would be amusing to moon the audience on live television. While it is still unsure why they decided to flash the camera, most people weren’t aware of the incident until after the game. It failed to distract the players who were more focused on the game than the bare butt of the audience member. Although the NBA hasn’t directly addressed the situation, it is expected that they’ll become stricter with the virtual spectators.


Rajon Rondo’s brother, William Rondo, was ejected from the NBA Bubble Crowd, after causing an outburst with Russel Westbrook during game 5 of the Western Conference Semifinals. As the NBA Bubble is getting smaller due to elimination games, the commissioner has allowed each player to bring in some family members. However, Rondo’s brother has been there since the beginning, as he is in charge of barbers, hairdressers, and manicurists for the bubble. Rajon Rondo stated in an interview that his brother called Westbrook “trash” and gave him the “Damian Lillard” wave and nothing more.


Shooting guard Danuel House of the Houston Rockets was kicked out of the NBA Bubble after violating the safety protocols, when allowing an unauthorized guest into his hotel room. There was no contact between staff or other players recorded with the guest involved in the incident. House played in the previous nine playoff games for the Rockets as their sixth man, and was kicked out just before game 4 of the Lakers versus Rockets playoff matchup.


As the NBA Bubble has had ZERO cases of Covid-19 since the restart of the NBA season, LA Clippers guard, Lou Williams, risked this perfect record when he was spotted at a Strip Club in Atlanta. Prior to this, Williams was granted the ability to leave the Bubble so he could attend the funeral of his friend’s father in Georgia. The agreement included a four day quarantine upon his return, but was revisited after he was spotted at a strip club named Magic City. He claimed to have visited this restaurant because of their well known chicken wings that were supposedly his favorite. Because of this, his acceptance back into the bubble required a 10 day quarantine as opposed to the 4 days that he was originally planning to abide by. But were the wings what made the additional days in quarantine worth it, or was it the strip club where he got his wings?

Richaun Holmes, Sacramento Kings NBA basketball player, got kicked out of the bubble for leaving to get chicken wings. He claims he “accidentally” crossed the NBA’s campus line which resulted in a 10 day quarantine. Not only was the 10 day quarantine a penalty, but according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, each game missed will project roughly 1% of salary. This means that Holmes could cost himself close to $50,000 for every game he is not able to attend.