Friday Night Lights: The People Behind the Homecoming Game


Zach Hayward and Parker Bates

The Football Team

“The energy at the Homecoming Game is always high, and we look forward to competing with a good team.” -Lucas Black (’22)

“The game will be very different because it’s sort of a last hoorah for the team.” -Danny Peters (’22)

The Band

We are practicing our Homecoming songs and using day classes to go to the football field to practice marching.” -Nico Sama (’22)

The Dance and Cheer Teams

“Getting ready with my friends in our uniforms and flower crowns made us feel that sense of Paly pride.” -Rowan Erickson (’22)

“We have been practicing the routine that we will be performing for weeks now so that we can be super prepared for it.” -Nicki Loewy (’22)