Vikes on the Move

What are Paly Seniors most excited about their next journey at their next school?

Jimmy Miller (Occidental XC/TF): I’m most looking forward to having the opportunity to challenge myself alongside new teammates and build a strong culture, similar to that of our cross-country and track teams at Paly.

Blake Chase (Wagner Football): I’m really looking forward to competing at a high level and playing against top players and teams in the country. I think the opportunity I’m going to have at Wagner is going to be great and getting to work on my way up the depth chart will be a lot of fun.

Mateo Fesslmeier (Santa Clara XC/TF): I’m most looking forward to competing at a D1 level. Also looking forward to meeting new teammates.

Ryan Lykken (College of San Mateo Basketball): At San Mateo, I am most looking forward to see how much I can push myself to be a better athlete to get to that next level of college basketball.

Mariana Kessinger (Cornell Soccer): I’m looking forward to being able to train and play in a really competitive environment while also studying and learning in an equally competitive environment.

Audrey Teo (Brandeis Swimming): I moved around a lot when I was younger but I’ve spend the past decade living in Palo Alto. I’m super excited to go back to the east coast area and experience all the things that Waltham and Boston have to offer. At Brandeis we have a super tight knit community because it’s such a small campus and also a relatively small swim team, so I’m excited to bond with my new Brandeis family and experience different Brandeis traditions with them. Swimming wise I’m hoping I can learn a lot from my coach and peers and maybe even get close to or set some school records.

Hillary Cheung (UChicago Volleyball): I would say I’m looking forward to getting to play with people I’ve never played with before and getting to know my new team. Knowing how close the Paly volleyball team got, I’m excited to experience something similar to that with a new group of people!

Photo by Caleb Wong

Lauren Sung (Michigan Golf): I’m looking forward to playing for a great team at the collegiate level and developing my game with the amazing facilities and coaching.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Sung

John Miller (Grinnell XC/TF): I’m most looking forward to continue my academics in a new environment, and continuing to set running goals that will bring me joy to chase. Being part of a team that will make me a better athlete and person is what I’m looking to get out of my athletic experience at Grinnell.

Danny Peter (San Francisco State Baseball): I am most looking forward to the college experience, for example: college life and meeting new people. I also am excited for the baseball season and how college ball compares to high school ball.

Eric Gabbassof (UC Santa Barbara Swimming): I’m most looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and being in a new environment.

Cade Creighton (UChicago Wrestling): I would say that I am most looking forward to the new friends and connections that I will make at UChicago. I think networking is super important for my athletic career but then also for my working life through college and after, so I’m excited to start making those connections.

Sydney Sung (Michigan Golf): I am looking forward to advancing my game to the next level under the coaching staff at the University of Michigan and utilizing the amazing facilities!

Bridget O’Keefe (UPenn Golf): I’m excited for team practices, workout, traveling for tournaments, and to just be a part of a close knit team and form lifelong relationships.

Amelia Vugrincic (Cal Beach Volleyball): I’m definitely looking forward most to being on a collegiate D1 level practice schedule that will allow me to play the best volleyball that I can. I am also really excited to have so many amazing athletic and academic resources. So just overall, I can’t wait to learn a ton of new stuff both in the classroom and in my sport.

Thea Enache (San Diego State Volleyball): I’m looking forward to the on campus environment and the public health program at SDSU paired with the high-level Division 1 athletics.

Kamila Wong (John Hopkins Tennis): I am really looking forward to playing tennis at a collegiate level and competing for a national championship. From what I know, college tennis has a different dynamic and culture compared to junior tennis, so I am definitely looking forward to being a part of that and also getting a true student-athlete experience.

Iris Li (Vassar Tennis): I’m super excited to compete in the collegiate level and play my best game with my teammates at Vassar!

Sebastian Chancellor (NYU Basketball): I am most looking forward to playing the sport love, all while being able to form new connections, friendships, and opportunities.

Harrison Williams (Williams Swimming): I’m really looking forward to continuing my academic and athletic journey at Williams, it will be a completely new experience for me.

Henry Bolte (Texas Baseball): All the fans and the environment out there as it’s different from the West Coast, the fans out there really care about baseball so probably playing in that environment and probably going to Omaha would be a lot of fun.

Photo courtesy of Henry Bolte

Xavier Esquer (Arizona Baseball): I’m most excited for being apart of a collegiate squad and competing against really good players. Arizona is a really great place to get better so I feel like it was a great choice for me.

Rishi Tella (Swarthmore Track and Field): I’m looking forward to being able to run with a team, hopefully it’s a lot closer bond between the team because you know we live together and everything.

Kevin Lee (Occidental Golf): For my next step in my athletic journey, Occidental not only provides great opportunities to help me strive in my golf game but also in my academics. I can’t wait to play golf and compete at the next level.

Maia Johnsson (Oberlin XC/TF) : I’m looking forward to having a new team and joining a community. While I love the Paly team, I’m excited for a change and to see how I fit in with the team dynamic.

JT Bard (Pitzer XC/TF): I’m most looking forward to being able to pursue my interests in more specialized and advanced classes than in high school. The advantage of going to a small liberal arts school like Pitzer is that even when it comes to core classes there are options that can be tailored more to my specific interests. I’m very excited to be running with one of the best D3 cross country and track teams in the country. The Pomona-Pitzer team has been extremely strong the last few years and it looks like that streak will continue. I have big goals for running in the long term and the next few years will be a test and indicator of whether I can achieve them.

Natalia Cossio (Pitzer Track and Field): I am really excited about being able to train and compete at the next level. Also as a high jumper, I haven’t had consistent coaching throughout High School so I am pretty psyched about that!