Dr. Kofman’s: Guide to Taping

Sirisha Mitra, Staff Writer

Basic Wrist Taping:

Step 1: Use 1 inch tape  

Step 2: Spread hand as wide as possible

Step 3: Push hand into taper’s stomach as hard as you can

Step 4: Start taping at the narrowest point in the wrist


*Most used in: baseball, football, gymnastics, cheer 


Alignment Taping:

Step 1: Use 1 ½ inch tape

Step 2: Tape once around wrist

Step 3: On the second round, twist the tape onto itself for a more durable effect


Ankle Taping:

Step 1: Dorsiflex positioning of foot (90° angle)

Step 2: Use underwrapper or “pre-wrap” as a base to avoid tape cuts and blisters

Step 3: Stop at the flare of the gastroc → where the leg starts to get wider

Step 4: Apply an anchor strip right above the ankle bones

Step 5: Overlap tape halfway up the anchor strip 3-4x → “bisecting” 

Step 6: Start on the inside of the lower leg and cover ankle bone from back to front

Step 7: “Basket-weave technique” → one horizontal strip and one vertical strip repeating 3x (4 with a larger foot), taping wider each strip

Step 8: “Heel-lock” → start at highest point of the ankle, just above ankle bone, under the foot, and finish on top of the foot (repeat on other side) final strip is a “continual heel-lock”

Step 9: Close the top and not the bottom unless necessary to avoid cramps