Paly Football defeats Wilcox in a close game last night, 25-21


Bryan Look

Paul Jackson III (’18) stops in the enzone after scoring a touchdown for the Vikings. Jackson III had 3 touchdowns in this game against Wilcox.

Skylar Burris and Bryan Look

Paly Football comes from behind against the Wilcox Chargers yesterday after being down the majority of the game. At the start of the game, Paly was able to get into the enzone to begin the game a

head with a run play by Paul Jackson III (‘18). However, the Vikings missed the extra point, and with seven minutes left in the first quarter the Vikings were leading Wilcox 6-0.

Wilcox came back quickly, with a touchdown off a pass-and-run play and a completed extra point, leaving the Vikings to trail 7-6. After a Paly punt, the Vikings’ defense forced a fumble, but Wilcox was able to recover. On a fourth down, the Chargers converted for a touchdown, leading the Vikings 14-6 to end the first half.

With the start of the second half, the Chargers started with the ball, but a fumble was recovered by Wes Walters (‘19). A 33-yard pass by Jackson Chryst (‘19) to Jackson Hall (‘18) set Jackson III up for a Viking touchdown. With an unsuccessful 2-point conversion, the Chargers continued to lead 14-12. The Chargers had the ball until another fumble was recovered for Palo Alto. Paly is blocked on a 30-yard field goal attempt after failing to score on three consecutive plays, but Paly maintains possession.

“These kids have taken some serious lumps this year and no matter what the score has been, we have kept fighting and fighting and fighting to get better,” Coach Danny Sullivan said. “Nothing will ever show how proud I am because I am the proudest I’ll ever be right now.”

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Chargers were able to score again, adding to their lead of 21-12. Paly was quick to respond, however, with a touchdown by Chryst. The 2-point conversion, initially thought to be good, was called off, and the Vikings continued to trail the Chargers 21-18. Paly continued in full-force, and another touchdown by Jackson III gives the Vikings a lead, 25-21. The Vikings’ defense forced a timeout with back-to-back sacks, and the final buzzer sounded without a Charger score. The Vikings came back for a win against the Wilcox Chargers, 25-21.

“They didn’t want it more than we did,” Troy Henderson III (‘17) said. “We just wanted it more.”

The Vikings will play at home next week on October 21 for the homecoming game against Los Gatos.
“If we can beat Wilcox, which is… the top contender in our league, than Los Gatos has it coming to them,” Henderson III said. “Definitely.”