Boys Waterpolo Season Recap 2021

The boys water polo season has officially come to an end, with an unfortunate defeat against cross-town rival Gunn. Nonetheless, their season was nothing short of spectacular, going from complete underdogs with a new coach to league champions

The team started off strong, racking up multiple wins in the beginning of the season, dominating against their opponents. After a couple of rough losses, they managed to cap off their regular season with a strong win against Mitty, sending them into the league and CCS playoffs.  

During league playoffs, the team went on a hot streak, defeating Los Altos, Gunn, and Harker,  three teams they had lost to over the course of the regular season. Their hard work paid off and the boys captured their first league championship since 2014. 

“Winning league was pretty amazing. I really thought that we could beat any team in our league and we proved to ourselves that we could do that,” Coach Bob Greene said.

The team continued their winning streak into CCS, dominating against Lynbrook and Woodside, beating both teams by a stellar 13 goals. Unfortunately, after a hard-fought battle, they were unable to keep up with Gunn in the CCS championships, falling to second place overall. 

“We didn’t expect to beat Woodside after what happened during our regular-season game against them. We played well and won, but had an unexpected ending in the finals against Gunn,” Junior Ivan Ijzerman said. 

Fans jumping in after CCS semi-finals win against Woodside.

Despite a strong group of seniors graduating this year, the team still has a lot of young firepower and potential they can continue to build around. 

“We really came together because we’re a really young team. We got a lot of young kids on our bench and it feels great to see how far we came from the beginning of the season till the end,” Junior Captain Julien Chow said.

Chow and others believe that the team will be able to build off this year’s momentum and dominate for years to come. 

“These last seven or eight games felt like a fairytale and I never expected our team to win league championships or even be CCS runner-ups,” Senior Captain David Gormley said. “But through Bob’s amazing coaching and hard work, I’m pretty sure the team next year can do the same thing as us or become even better.”