Boys Soccer Playoff Preview


Photo by Caleb Wong

The Paly boys varsity soccer team has qualified to the CCS championship tournament with a record of eight wins, four draws, and five losses. 

 “This is definitely the best soccer season we have had since I joined the team,” center back Jonas Pao (‘23) said. 

The team has seen huge improvement, winning 8 games this season compared to last year, where they won only one game. 

“One moment that changed our season and contributed to our success was when we all came together before our Los Gatos game in the middle of our season and decided to change… our collective attitudes about our season. After that, things really started to pick up and we were able to win a lot more, mainly because we were playing as a cohesive team,” said Pao. 

Currently the team is preparing for the CCS games. “Right now, we are more focused on improving our standings within CCS so we can … get a home field advantage,” said Pao. 

They face tough competition in the coming games, but this only provides the Vikings with motivation to perform their best.

“Bellarmine is always very good, so it would be a dream to play against them in the final,” said Pao. 

The Vikings play a league game on Wednesday, February 16 against our rivals, Gunn High School, at home.