Powderpuff Proposed For Spirit Week


Paly fans cheer at a football game. Powderpuff would be played in the same fun atmosphere, but would showcase skilled female athletes and a fun, fast paced game.

Trey Collins, Social Media Manager

Homecoming week at Paly is packed with beloved traditions such as float building, spirit rallies and more. Recently, there has been a push for a new spirit week tradition at Paly, Powderpuff. Ajayla Hickman has been spearheading the push for a Powder puff game to take place during next year’s homecoming week. “I was shocked there had never been a Powderpuff at Paly before.” Hickman said. 

Powderpuff games, typically American High Schools, are when women and men switch from the sidelines, to the field and vice versa. Upperclassmen girls usually face off against each other and the boys will cheer them on. “It’s a super fun way to get all of the community together at night in a safe way,” Hickman explains. Hickman has been working with faculty and ASB to make her dream become a reality “I’ve been in contact with ASB, the varsity football coach, and players to get this plan into motion,” Hickman said. 

Powderpuff games are a great way to get school pride rumbling, but also can be used to support an important cause “The money from ticket sales will be used in donation to The Pink Fund,” Hickman explains. The Pink Fund is a non-profit organization that provides shelter, transportation, and medicare for those who are battling breast cancer. 

Hickman hopes to introduce Powderpuff to Play next spirit week for a fun safe way for students to showcase their spirit and to support women in need.