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Sports are Getting Soft

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People are so soft. On the field, you have no friends on the other team, no matter your relations off the field. On the field, you are trying to kill each other, not worry for each other’s feelings. In soccer, if you foul someone and knock them down, you do not turn right around and reach to help them up. You go right up to them and let them know who their daddy is, or at the very least give them a look that shows them who their daddy is.

We have had enough of the softness in sports. Why do people feel a need to be nice on the field. One of the greatest athletes of all time, Ndamukong Suh, is well known for stomping on opponents. That is exactly the drive that we want to see in sports, not the dumb garbage of helping people up.

As much as we respect Andrew Luck, he is the best sportsman in the world, making him the softest competitor in the world. He is well known for telling the opponents who hit him how solid their hit on him was. What? What is wrong with you, Andrew? In that situation, a real competitor would look at his offensive lineman to come to defend him. Scuffles are what make sports great. Without big hits leading to big fights, what is the point?

Not just Luck is getting soft, the entire NFL is losing it’s tough beginnings. Back in the seventies and eighties players used to play through injuries. Jack Youngblood played through the entire playoffs with a broken leg and then also played in the pro bowl with it as well. Nowadays, NFL players just decide they don’t want to play in the pro bowl because they are afraid to get hurt. Even 10 years ago players were going hard, Sean Taylor absolutely murdered a player in the pro bowl just because he felt like it.

That same Sean Taylor hit would probably be a penalty today with players in college getting targeting penalties. Targeting is the weakest call. Refs think a player should get ejected for the rest of that game and part of the next game for making a hard hit on a receiver coming across the middle. Games are won and lost when players get ejected. For example, Nick Bosa was thrown out of a game for targeting against Iowa in the first half when it was tied at 17. At the end of that game the score was 55-24. If refs continue to make these B.S. calls there was no point in creating the college football playoff because teams are going to lose because of the refs.

Where would we be if Draymond wasn’t kicking people in the scrotum, starting a big fight? What about if The U wasn’t starting fights with literally anyone. If these athletes were the type to help each other up, we wouldn’t have these incredible moments in sports history.

One athlete that knows how to play is Luis Suarez. The man has bitten opponents multiple times. Yes, he ate another human. You think he would do that off the field? No, he’s a nice guy. But on the field? Absolute competitor. He even took a red card against Ghana in the World Cup by blocking a goal at the goal line with his hand. Savage. That is exactly the type of ‘sportsmanship’ that sports need. It’s the dying type of athlete that we want to see more of.

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  1. ali bomaye on January 25th, 2018 1:51 am

    hahaha i don’t know how i end up here reading this. but while doing so, i enjoyed so much. thanks for a good article. that suarez reference was savage.

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Sports are Getting Soft