Girls Field Hockey Dominates Against Wilcox 11-0


Karen Ambrose Hickey

Georgia Cowie (’20) prepares herself for action, getting ready to send the ball into the goal.

Tina Lagerblad and Hayden Jung-Goldberg

In the fourth game of their season, the Girls Varsity Field Hockey team shows continued promise for a strong season, ending their game against fierce competitor Wilcox High School with an astounding score of 11-0.

Having worked tirelessly to train a team of athletes, many of which have never played field hockey before the formation of the team last year, is finally paying off, with Paly’s skill, agility and strength dominating the game.

With so many different players showing their talent and scoring throughout the game, this game proved that the team has a roster full of raw talent that is not to be underestimated.

One of the key power-players, Alexa Gwyn (‘21) on the team also notes this as a personal game highlight: “Watching a lot of the new players on the team get a chance to put all the things that they’ve learned into play … was really cool for me to see.”

Starting off strong with nine goals in the first two periods, the Vikings asserted their dominance over the Wilcox Chargers, and managed to maintain control over the game through the end, not allowing a single goal from their opponents. 

“I think that our team probably needs to work a little more on offense because a lot of our girls are coming from different sports that they play in the Spring and in the Winter, like soccer and track,” Gwyn said. Bouncing back from a tough season last year, the team now feels less hindered by lack of experience, however as the more experienced player Gwyn notes, they still have room to improve.

Gwyn is a player that should definitely be looked out for as a threat this season, being one of the few players who had any experience in field hockey prior to the formation of the team last year. She is extremely optimistic looking forward in the season, noting that the team’s hard work during practice, is definitely making a difference in their technique and overall performance.

Towards the end of the game, already being up by such a large margin, the girls decided to focus more on passing to as many people on the team as they could in order to practice maintaining ball possession under a real-game scenario.

Congratulations on the major win and keep up the hard work Vikings!

Come out and support the Vikes at their next home game on September 17th against our Mountain View rivals from Saint Francis High School!!

Karen Ambrose Hickey
Georgia Cowie (’20) prepares herself for action, getting ready to send the ball into the goal.