Jeremy Lin reminisces on his Palo Alto days after Knicks crush Pacers, 115-100

Scotty Bara

Jeremy Lin gets interviewed by The Viking and inFocus.

Lindsay Beisheim

Emy Kelty, Editor-in Chief

[NEW YORK] After the New York Knicks crushed the Indiana Pacers 115-100 at Madison Square Garden last night, Jeremy Lin (’06), who finished the game with 13 points and 5 assists, reminisced of his memories of his hometown in Palo Alto, Calif.

During the interview, Lin smiled and let out a few chuckles as he talked about his favorite place to eat lunch while he was a student at Paly.

“[I liked] Cheese House,” Lin said.  “You will see me there every summer [during the offseason].”

Lin was also very particular about his favorite kind of sandwich to order.

Jeremy Lin, a Paly grad, drives to the hoop off a Amare Stoudemire screen. Photo by Sammy Solomon.

“I get the same thing every time: Dutch crunch, salami, Havarti Cheese, the spread, lettuce, tomatoes and onions,” Lin said.

During the interview, Lin also showed his appreciation for the Paly community.

“The last couple of months a lot of people outside of the community have supported me, but I know that the Palo Alto community has supported me from the very beginning,” Lin said.

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