Paly Boys’ Baseball wins 4-3 against Willow Glen

Paly Boys Baseball wins 4-3 against Willow Glen

Alys Olmstead, Staff Writer

Paly boys’ baseball triumphed over the Willow Glen Rams, 4-3 in extra innings, thanks to a walk-off by Ethan Stern (’17) in the eighth. This put the team off to a strong start for their 2015 season.

The game began with a run scored by Willow Glen, but the Vikings shut down the early momentum and scored with their first three batters.

Phil Lewis (‘15) walked, and then stole second. He was then advanced to third by Ben Cleasby (‘17) and brought home by Owen Plambeck (‘16).

With Isaac Kasevich (‘15) on the mound the Vikings held the Rams to one run. The top of the second second inning ended quickly with a play by second baseman Stern, an out by Riley Schoeben (‘16), and a strikeout by Kasevich.

The Vikings then stepped up to the plate where Max Jung-Goldberg (‘18) grounded out, and was followed by Jack Anderson (‘15) striking out. Justin Hull (‘16) got on base and hit a long ball in the gap between first base and the outfield, but was not advanced after Riley Schoeben (‘16) grounded out.

“First couple innings they we came out a little flat,” Lewis said. “But we picked it up and were able to get it done later in the game.”

The top of the third went by as fast as the second with Hull who caught a fly ball to right field, Lewis who caught a fly ball to centerfield, and Schoeben who ran to catch a pop-up foul ball on the third baseline.

The Vikings still were slow to gain their lead and ended the third inning with Cleasby on base after hitting a single to centerfield, but he was not advanced by any other hits on his teammates behalf.

Top of the fourth inning picked up as the first Willow Glen batter hit a triple and then was hit home by the next hitter, which gave the Rams a 2-1 lead. The scoring was put to a stop after Kasevich collected a bunt, and then Goldberg made a double play.

With an attempt to get in the lead the Vikings put Ellis Obrien (‘15) in as a pinch runner for Anderson after he walks. Obrien then stole second and Hull got on first after an error by the third baseman. Yet, the Vikings were unable to execute and went into the fifth still down by one.

Ryan Chang (‘17) stepped in for Kasevich who threw 54 pitches, and held the Rams to a one run lead with the help of plays by Hull, Schoeben, and Stern.

“They played gritty and they hung in there,” Coach Dave Goldman said. “It was a team effort across the board, all parts of the lineup.”

The Vikings came into the bottom of the fifth strong when Lewis hit a triple with one out and then was sent in by a single by Cleasby. The score was then 2-2 going into the sixth inning.

Paly kept the tie with Hull who caught two consecutive fly balls to right field and Stern fielded a ground ball to second. The team then stepped up to the plate and almost scores on a play by Will Snodgrass who was pinch running for Goldberg after his single. In a play at the plate Snodgrass was called out and the inning came to a close.

Hoping to pull out the win the Vikings brought in Nico Lillios (‘18) to pitch, who fielded a bunt his first batter, and then was assisted with the second out by Plambeck who fielded a ball that came to first.

Willow Glen then got a double, which led to them scoring another run, and made the score 3-2 with half an inning left to play.

Alec Olmstead (‘16) stepped up to the plate for the Vikings and hit a driven ball between center and right field, Schoeben then came in to run for Olmstead.

Stern than made contacted and sacrificed himself to advance Schoeben to second. First base was then occupied by Lewis who was intentionally walked by the Rams. Plambeck then got the job done with two outs and brought Schoeben home, which made the score 3-3.

“We came out with a lot of heart at the end,” Lewis said. “That is what really gave us the advantage in the eighth inning.”

The team then went into the eighth inning confident and made three easy outs with catches by Cleasby, Lewis, and Lillios.

“Really good team effort out there,” Stern said. “Everyone gave it their all. We persevered and that is what was able to put us on top.”

Kenta Yanagisawa (‘15) made it happen for the Vikings in the eighth hitting a single and which got their momentum going. Hull then hit a double which got Yanagisawa to third. The Rams then walked Schoeben intentionally and Stern hit a line drive down the right field line to bring Yanagisawa home for the victory.

“Really good team effort out there,” Stern said. “Everyone gave it their all. We persevered and that is what was able to put us on top.”

The Vikings came out on top and won 4-3, they will go on to play on Friday at Sacred Heart at 3:30.