Paly Softball slides past Sacred Heart Cathedral and wins 3-2


Alys Olmstead, Staff Writer

Paly softball triumphed over Sacred Heart Cathedral today and won 3-2 after pulling ahead in the bottom of the 7th inning following being down the whole game.

The Vikings began the game with senior Casey Glassford (‘15) pitching. The first batter was struckout in five pitches for the first out of the game. The second out of the inning was then earned by Autumn Macreno (‘15) catching a fly ball to left field, and then finally a grounder to Jesse Kim (‘16) who threw the runner out at first made for a very quick first half of the inning for Paly.

Kabria Dame (‘15) led off for the Vikings, she was thrown out after hitting a ground ball into the infield. Dame was followed by Maddie Martinson (‘16) who hit a hard ball to the shortstop but was also thrown out. Two outs into the bottom of the first inning Mackenzie Glassford (‘17) hit a double to the gap in between right and center field. C. Glassford then stepped up to the plate for the Vikes, but was unable to advance the runner and struck out swinging.

Sacred Heart Cathedrals first batter hit a grounder in the gap between second and short which put them on base for the first time in the game. C. Glassford then shut down the momentum and struck out the next batter. Next a single was hit which advanced the runners, who then each stole a base on a wild pitch. They were held at second and third after Kim caught a pop fly for the second out and then C. Glassford ended the inning with another strikeout.

Sophie Frick (‘18) got the Vikings rolling by hitting a single, and was then followed by Maggie Renteria (‘17) who also got a hit. With two outs and runners on first and second, another batter struck out and the inning was ended.

“More than anything we need to improve on focusing on the ball,” Frick said. “We have to trust our teammates and coaches that we will get the job done moving forward in the season.”

The top of the third started with a runner who got on first with a  solid single, and then advanced to third on a wild pitch. The next batter hit a ground ball to C. Glassford who threw it quickly to first for one out, and then first baseman Frick threw out the runner coming home. The inning ended with a ground out and no runs scored.

Dame led off the bottom of the 3rd with a fly ball that was caught by the second baseman. Martinson then stepped up and grounded out. M. Glassford was then walked, but not advanced and the inning ended.

The first two outs of the inning were results of ground balls fielded and plays at first by Frick. And then the inning was ended with a play by shortstop M. Glassford.

Frick started off the inning and stepped up to the plate to but grounded out. She was then followed by Macreno who hit a ground ball and got to base on an error in the infield. Renteria then hit a pop fly, and Ashley Crichton (‘16) stepped up and grounded out ending the inning.

The first SHC batter led off the 5th inning with a double due to an error in the outfield. The next two batters then hit singles into the shallow infield and got the bases loaded. C. Glassford struck the next girl out for the first out of the inning.

“We really kept our heads in it the whole time,” Frick said. “We never gave up and we kept focused the whole game.”

A ground ball was hit to shortstop and it popped up out of M. Glassford glove and the runner got in. With the score at 1-0 and runners on second and third base, C. Glassford fielded a ball and threw out the runner on third. The inning was ended with no more runs coming in after M. Glassford tagged second on a running ground ball recovery.

With one out on the board in the bottom of the 5th Dame walked, and then stole second after Martinson was caught out, but the Vikings were unable to score after another fly ball was hit and caught.

The first pitch of the 6th was hit down the third base line, but then overthrown to first and the runner was able to advance to second base. The ball was then hit and the batter made it to first, and then second on another hit by her teammate. Frick then made a jumping out at first, but was unable to get the double play and another runner scored which made the score 2-0.

Paly then stepped up in an effort to get some runs on the board, C. Glassford started them off and hit a single, and then got to second on an error. Frick then stepped up and struck out which left C. Glassford at second. Macreno then got pegged and advanced to first. Renteria then struck out and was followed by Julianna Heron (‘15) who also struck out swinging, this ended the inning.

M. Glassford then came in to close the game for the Vikings and struck out the first batter of the 7th. The next two batters then grounded out and Paly made it out of the top of the inning with the score remaining 2-0.

“We picked it up in the 7th inning,” Dame said. “We knew what we had to do and we got it done as a team.”

Kim started off the bottom of the 7th for the Vikings and made it onto first by out running the infielders throw. Dame then stepped up and hit the gap between second and short for a single and an advanced runner. M. Glassford then hit a double and brought Kim home which made the score 2-1.

Frick then hit home Dame and M. Glassford which gave the Vikings the lead, the win, and ended the game.

The Vikings will go on to play Lynbrook on Friday at Paly at 4 p.m..