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Curling iron

Courtney Lovely ('16) works out in the Paly weight room with the rest of the girls basketball team

Maddy Atwater and Ethan Stern

December 8, 2015

Many high school male athletes lift weights and work out on a very consistent basis for sports training, getting stronger, or even building muscle. You can walk into pretty much any high school weight room and see a male student working out, but you typically will not find a girl in the area. With female...

Northern California Surfing

Northern California Surfing

Scotty Bara and Emma Beckstrom, Staff Writers

February 29, 2012

The Palo Alto High School athletics community is notorious for its high pressure, stressful environment, and overly involved “tiger” parents.  With many of them CEO’s, lawyers, and venture capitalists, politics are not uncommon when it comes to youth sports.  With a tunnel-vision of succ...

Love Advice from Athletes

Nina Kelty, Staff Writer

February 22, 2012

                  Gifts for Him: “Some game tickets to a Warriors game.” Israel Hakim( Basketball ‘12) “A bag of skittles.” Mathias Schmutz. (Basketball ‘13) “Something adventurous.” Austin Braff (Baseball ...

Getting Blocked: An inside look at Paly’s block schedule effect on athletes

Getting Blocked: An inside look at Paly's block schedule effect on athletes

Sam Borsos

November 16, 2010

In 90 minutes, you could play two water polo games, burn 1000 calories running, or do 26 different types of yoga positions. Or you could sit through a class at Palo Alto High School. After much discussion, the recently enforced block schedule this year has replaced last years schedule at Paly, changing...

The Great Debate: Are Athletes Born or Made

Sam Greene, Copy-Editor

December 19, 2009

Sam M: Born or Made? Sam G: Listen close my man, when it comes down to it, you know as well as I do that a striker, quarterback, point-guard, ballerina or what have you, all need to put in the hours to make it to the top. Figure this, you could be born a skinny 6'5" fool with the lanky arms and natural...

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