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#ThinkBlue, #KEMvP and why the Dodgers are the preeminent team in the NL West

Peter Dennis, Columnist

April 17, 2012

Sorry it's been a while folks. College is looking great and senior year is staying just enough in reach that people will complain about it incessantly on various social networks. But we only have 30-some odd days left of this paradise and it's time to ruin all those Giants fans' seasons. After a...

The Viking tries Ike’s

The Viking tries Ike's

Peter Dennis and Shannon Scheel, Columnists

October 11, 2011

So starts another year of Viking Tries. And believe us when we say we have large shoes to fill. Not only were Dustin Nizamian’s (‘11) feats legendary (LIGHTNING BOLT!), but I only have so many funny t-shirts to rival his. So Shannon here decided we should try out the legendary Ike’s Place right...

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