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Tiger Woods: Hero or Villain?

John Dickerson and Charlie Kelsey

February 28, 2011

Eldrick Tont Woods, more commonly known as ‘Tiger’, was, until Nov. 25 of last year, on top of the world. With 14 Professional Major Golf Championships under his belt, a feat that stands second only to Jack Nicklaus, and numerous other tournament wins to couple a myriad of golfing records, he ...

The Great Debate: Is Nascar a Sport?

Matt was ticketed for going 86 mph in the state of Idaho.

Charlie Avis and Matt Tracy

March 18, 2008

Charlie Avis: Why not? Matt Tracy: There are many reasons: the essence of NASCAR driving is taking a car, where everyone has the same type of car, and manipulating that machine to the best of its ability. Is it testing your physical strength, endurance, or physical aptitude at anything? No. Char...

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