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Interview with Peter Diepenbrock

Interview with Peter Diepenbrock

Will Strauch and Bryan Look

May 22, 2018

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The 85th Season

In the 1967 SPAL Championship, Mark Daley ('68) made two free throws in the final minute to win the game 70-68 against the Sequoia Redwoods. That championship game drew the largest crowd to ever occupy the big gym.

Katie Foug and Zoe Bhargava

December 2, 2013

Standing in the middle of the big gym, one is surrounded by banners, plaques and awards that date back to the nineteenth century. The numerous green and white wooden plaques may seem irrelevant to the current Paly student, but these numbers and letters represent the thousands of memories that have be...

Roots of resilience – Jeremy Lin’s past foreshadows his NBA future

Roots of resilience - Jeremy Lin's past foreshadows his NBA future

Kevin Dukovic and Austin Poore

April 20, 2012

AT THE BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY, Jeremy Lin (‘06) was just another NBA benchwarmer, toiling in the depths of the New York Knicks roster and unknown to all but the most loyal of fans. His claim to fame at the time was limited to his status as the first American player of Chinese or Taiwanese descen...

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