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Colin Patterson, News Editor

March 11, 2013

It is that time of year again, Paly. The madness is upon us! In a matter of weeks college basketball fans all across America will construct their own "perfect" bracket. We at The Viking have created our very own bracket pool for all Paly students, basketball fans or otherwise, to join and see who ...

ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer talks Chryst, Super Bowl with The Viking

Trent Dilfer gazes at his Super Bowl XXXV trophy as a Baltimore Raven in 2001. Dilfer talked with a couple of Viking staff members Friday night during the Paly boys' team's victory over Mountain View.

Zach Rizk and Paul Bienaimé

January 26, 2013

During the Paly boys' basketball team's 41-30 victory over the Mountain View Spartans on "Quad Night," Super Bowl winning quarterback and ESPN analyst  Trent Dilfer made an appearance. The Viking’s Paul Bienaimé and Zach Rizk managed to catch up with Dilfer for a short interview. Dilfer was attendi...

The Pessimist: Sports Commentary is Terrible

The Pessimist: Sports Commentary is Terrible

Peter Dennis, Columnist

January 12, 2012

Note: For commentary on the growing scandal over The Optimist's blog, as the title would suggest, please look at the last three paragraphs of this column. As I watched Oregon handily win the “Granddaddy of them all,” (the Rose Bowl) over Wisconsin, (both in levels of swag and on the scoreboard...

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