Join the Viking Bracket Challenge today!



The official 2013 NCAA bracket will be released March 17 on “Selection Sunday.” But you can sign up for the Viking Bracket Challenge today!

Colin Patterson, News Editor

It is that time of year again, Paly. The madness is upon us! In a matter of weeks college basketball fans all across America will construct their own “perfect” bracket. We at The Viking have created our very own bracket pool for all Paly students, basketball fans or otherwise, to join and see who owns the best bracket at school.

All you need to do is join the “Viking Bracket Challenge” account on ESPN, where you will fill out your bracket and see how your picks stack up against your peers’.

The winner of the  challenge will be awarded a prize, which will be disclosed at a later date. Sign up for it today here on ESPN. Search for our username “Viking Sports Mag.” Our password is palygreen13. Good luck!