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Final Drive

Final Drive

Zoe Bhargava and Megan Valencia

April 16, 2014

Many things have changed at Palo Alto High School since its founding in 1898. The face of Paly has been altered as new installments have replaced older buildings. The Haymarket Theater, the Tower Building and the George Stirling Stewart Gym or “big gym” are a few Paly icons that still stand today....

Stadium renewal pleases athletes and coaches alike

One of the straightaways on the Paly track sits unused late in the day. During the summer, workers resurfaced the track and finished jump pits, completing the football stadium remodel.

Rowan McEvoy, Staff Writer

September 5, 2013

Work crews at Paly finished remodeling the football stadium this summer, completing the work that began near the start of last year, and was voted on back in 2008 as part of Palo Alto Unified School District's Strong Schools Bond. Much of the work on the bleachers and snack shack area, including new...

Girls’ and Boys’ track and field overpower Los Altos

Pippa Raffel, Staff Writer

March 27, 2013

Paly girls' track and field smashed Los Altos 89-33 Tuesday afternoon, and the boys clenched a nail-biter, 65-62. Although the meet is considered home for the Vikings, it took place at Los Altos due to the lack of jumping facilities at Paly. The meet started off rough for the Lady Vikes as the girls'...

Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface

Kevin Dukovic, Jacob Lauing, and Nora Rosati

November 18, 2011

“HE’S-A-WHITE-GUY! HE’S-A-WHITE-GUY!” a large block of seniors vehemently chanted after Holger Thorup (‘12) dunked during the gym rally on the fourth day of Spirit Week. The chant was directed at the junior class and its two African-American dunkers, E.J. Floreal (‘13) and Aubrey Dawkins...

Paly’s Competitive Edge-ucators

Jack Smale

March 11, 2011

Some students see their teachers as one-dimensional figures, administers of knowledge and the occasional discipline. However, not so long ago, some teachers were student-athletes, just like the majority of Palo Alto High School's students are today. This is an inside look into a few of Paly's very...

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