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Where He Is Now

Carl Wolfgramm ('16) reminisces on what could have been if he didn't have his stroke.
Carl Wolfgramm (‘16), after being devastated by a career-ending health implication in eighth grade, discovers his new passion to fill the void of sports. Remaining positive, Wolfgramm shares his story with The Viking.
November 12, 2014

For top-flight athletes, one false step can bring injury. Some athletes are sidelined for minutes, some for games and some even miss whole seasons. But, there are a few cases through all levels of sport...

Back in the Box

Back in the Box
April 23, 2012

Baseball is a game of adjustments. A flyout teaches a hitter to stay on top of the ball. A walk does not discourage a pitcher from pounding the strike zone on the next at-bat, it drives him to try even...

From Center Court to Sidelines

Nate Bills ('12) struts down the court with his players.
March 11, 2011

One year ago Nate Bills ('12) stood tall at center court in Palo Alto High School's big gym, dressed in a full green and white uniform, post-warm-up sweat drops on his forehead, basketball at his side...

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