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Best step for solving the Eagles’ woes? Look at AYSO soccer and JV basketball

Best step for solving the Eagles' woes? Look at AYSO soccer and JV basketball

Peter Dennis, Columnist

December 1, 2011

As I write this column, the Philadelphia Eagles (aka the NFL’s new “Dream Team”) are losing to the Seattle Seahawks 7-14. Somehow I don’t think this is how the Eagles’ ownership envisioned this post-lockout season turning out. 4-7? Michael Vick injured? Yeah...probably not. And like...

Season on the brink: NBA Lockout

Season on the brink: NBA Lockout

Rohit Ramkumar, Staff Writer

November 16, 2011

Picture this: third and ten, two minutes remaining in the game, and the Cleveland Browns need a first down. Browns quarterback Colt McCoy drops back and finds LeBro.n James for a 15 yard gain. That’s right, if the nice folks at the National Basketball Association (NBA) don’t end the lockout, we m...

Look out for lockouts!

Though Columnist Shannon Scheel ('12) hasn't experienced an actual lockout, she has been locked out of her house...on multiple occasions. (Note mother Susan Scheel's fantastic Halloween decorations).

Shannon Scheel, Columnist

October 23, 2011

  This past humble evening, I realized that my columns needed a little extra “oomph.” Also, since I’ve started tweeting (if you need more of a daily Shans fix, hit up “shanscheel” on Twitter one time), I have been motivated to become more in touch with the news of the world. Because,...

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