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Paly To the Pros

Cole Sotnick and Joshua Kasevich, Staff Writers

January 9, 2018

Stu Pederson: 1978 Dodgers: Former Major League Baseball player Stu Pederson (‘78) started his impressive career at the grounds of Palo Alto High School (Paly). After his years at Paly, Pederson went on to play at three different institutions: Foothill College, University of South Carolina, and University ...

Minor struggle, major payoff

Minor struggle, major payoff

Zoe Bhargava and Bryn Carlson

October 3, 2014

With a tradition of athletic excellence and success, it is not a surprise that dozens of Paly graduates continue with their sport at the collegiate level every year. However, few athletes manage to surpass the collegiate level and continue to the professional level. Joc Pederson (‘10) is one of the...

Wives of professional athletes and coaches at Paly

Tina and Steve Bono stand with their children Christoph ('11) and Sophia ('13) outside the Lambeau Arena in the team uniform. Steve played for the Green Bay Packers in 1997.

Emma Beckstrom and Michelle Friedlander, Staff Writers

October 11, 2011

While Steve Bono was playing in the National Football League (NFL), his wife Tina Bono was busy taking care of their two kids, setting up a lease on their house and the car, and finding a new gym to teach aerobics at. “I would do the physical work,” Bono said. In the same year that Steve Bono...

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Stu Pederson