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Winter Athlete Sideline Swag

Emma Beckstrom, Staff Writers

December 16, 2011

The Viking asked Paly Athletes how they keep cozy on the bench during those chilly winter games. The girls said: "It gets pretty chilly in the winter time, so I throw on a sweatshirt, some baggy-a** sweatpants, a parka, pull up those high soccer socks and an ear-warmer headband! Then I'm cozy" -Lil...

Uniforms Part II

Uniforms Part II

Peter Dennis, Columnist

October 8, 2011

And we’re back. Professionally and uniformly, it gets much more interesting. To a certain extent. While you may say teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers may have uniforms that seem bland, stop saying those things. You’re wrong. It’s not bland, its classic. Some uniforms, on t...

Column: Is flaggy the new swaggy? Uniforms in college sports

Column: Is flaggy the new swaggy? Uniforms in college sports

Peter Dennis, Columnist

September 8, 2011

This summer, my dad gave me two Excel worksheets. At first glance, I was suspicious. Presumably this was another college application themed document, to go along with the insurmountable piles of “pertinent” information and the massive gigabytes of Word documents, saved websites and such chewing ...

Game Day Swag

Varsity basketball teammates Israel Hakim ('12), Mathias Schmutz ('13) and Tori Prati ('12) show off their game day swag.

Paige Borsos, Staff Writer

March 9, 2011

Game day: For any athlete, it signifies an opportunity to compete, to showcase practice and to take home a victory. Unlike an ordinary day, it is 24 hours of being in an athletic mentality. Whether it is a Major League baseball team, a college basketball team or the Palo Alto High School football team,...

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