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Bringing Their “A+” Game

Craig Bark (number 11) races alongside Mike Miranda in 1982. Bark raced bicycle motocross for four years, traveling across the country and internationally for competitions.

Ido Gal and Anna Dukovic

October 4, 2013

  Sitting in a small wooden desk in a Paly classroom listening to a teacher, one would normally focus on the words coming out of the teacher’s mouth. A student might focus so much energy on doing well in a class that they take little time to think about who their teachers really are, and who they were. Looking up at a ...

Fresh out of Luck

Fresh out of Luck

Josh Stern, Staff Writer

October 10, 2012

Before Stanford played USC, I was ready to write a long column on all the ways the Cardinal needed to step up in order to repeat the success of previous seasons. After its first two games, Stanford seemed like it wouldn't be able to win against a decent team. But as I stormed the field with the re...

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