Girls’ Golf Preview: Team looking to build on inaugural season


The 2013-2014 Girls' Golf team poses with Coach Doyle Knight.

Reuben Kramer, Staff Writer

The second year of Girls’ Golf has just started at Palo Alto High School and players are already practicing their swings, drives, and putts as the new season commences.

There are big expectations for the young team after last season, their inaugural year , was a huge success for the program. The team went all the way to CCS, beating St. Francis, and advancing on to Norcals. After beating through very competitive high school teams, they reached the State playoffs, where they placed fourth.

Coach Doyle Knight and the ten golfers now look forward to the possibilities of the upcoming season. Of the current team, there are two seniors, six sophomores, and two beginning freshmen. Michelle Xie (’15) is the current captain and she will take charge as an important player and leader on the team.

Coach Knight has a positive outlook on the upcoming year and is excited for their first league game on Thursday.

“Obviously we want to repeat our success from last year and defend our championship,” Knight said.

Even though the team lost two players, they have some rising stars to come in and help contribute.

“Last year we lost 2 crucial seniors , but we have a freshman who is our number 2 player right now, and the rest of the girls have a lot of potential,” Olivia Johnson (’15) said.

Johnson is one of the two seniors on the team and she will be working hard this year to win games for the team.

“Personally I’m really excited for the season and I hope I can help the team reach our goals,” Johnson said.

There is no doubt that the competition will be very tough, and both the players and the coach know what they are up against.

“Other teams are good, but we’ll give them a run for their money,” Knight said.

The teams first matchup is Thursday, September 11th, where they will play Los Gatos. The girls will be looking to start off their season on the right foot, and if their history is any indication, the team will be looking at another successful season.