Football benefiting from new school wide athletic conditioning class

Football benefiting from new school wide athletic conditioning class

Steven Marinkovich , Staff Writer

Starting this school year, a new sixth period class has been made available by head football coach Jake Halas.  The main basis of the class is athletic conditioning, offering three class meetings per week to lift weights and even do some running

As of right now, the class is heavily dominated by football players, but not restricted to just them.  Available to any student, whether they participate in a sport or not, the course will be offered the entire school year to those who choose to sign up.

Considering the current state of the class, Halas does take advantage of this extra time he has with nearly his entire varsity football team.  Within the allotted time, the players are usually able to complete a lift and do some on field running as well as watch film with their coaches.

Very highly recommended to the football team, the class initially received mixed reviews from the players, especially after having been originally scheduled for zero period.  However, zero period was subsequently scrapped and changed by administration.

“They’re just trying to take some things off the kids’ plates,” Halas said. “They don’t want to force kids to come here zero period.  I think that’s the whole issue, stress.”

After the change to sixth period and a few weeks of experiencing the class, the mixed reviews turned positive as players began to see its massive benefit.

“It’s better than lifting after school so we have a lot more time to get all of our homework done,” Troy Henderson (‘17) said.

In the past, lifting and watching film would be done during lunch or before the on-field portion of practice.  The course’s implementation provides the opportunity for practice to finish earlier, giving players more time at home.

In addition to helping relieve the player’s stress, it has been monumental in helping the team with bonding and raising overall chemistry.

“It’s helpful to have this extra time with the team because we get stronger together and bond together,” Henderson said. “I’m getting to know my teammates better and it’s bringing us closer together as a unit.”

“They’re working hard; they’re sweating,” Halas said.“We’ll see if it’s working.”