Paly boys’ soccer triumphs over Milpitas 3-0


Alys Olmstead, Editor-in-Chief, Design Editor

Paly boys’ soccer defeated Milpitas in their first preseason home game of the season. The Vikings sealed the victory with a final score 3-0.

The game started evenly with the ball switching possession through the middle. Milpitas made the first offensive advance with a free kick that was blocked by Declan Cassini’s (‘16) header.

Paly retaliated soon after with a give and go on the left side by Cole Tierney (‘16) and Roberto Sotelo (‘16) which resulted in a cross into the box, but no goal.

“This was our first game,” Tierney said. “We definitely have some things to work on, but we came out strong.”

The Vikings first goal of the day was scored with a run up the line by Tierney, who then passed it into Dami Bolarinwa (‘16) for a shot into the left hand corner of the goal.

Paly continued to possess the ball, and passed efficiently on their attacking half. The Vikings had an attempt off of a corner kick, which Max Hallberg (‘16) attempted to get one more in and kicked strongly, but the shot was saved by the Milpitas keeper.

The half ended with the score remaining at 1-0 with the Vikings in the lead.

The team entered the second half strong and had a scoring opportunity off of a cross, that Neil Verwillow (‘17) volleyed, yet the ball flew shy of the goal.

Paly continued to advance with strong passing and movement on the left side by Sotelo, Bolarinwa, and Verwillow.

Verwillow then had his redemption with a shot off of the Milpitas goalies rebound. The score was now 2-0.

Sotelo and Bolarinwa continued to lead a strong attack, with the extra effort of Michel Siaba (‘17). Eventually the pressure on the Milpitas defense paid off and Sotelo slotted in the Viking’s third goal of the day.

“We had a lot of people playing different positions,” Sotelo said. “I think our defense did really well, anytime you have a shutout it is a good game.”

Paly continued to move the ball on their attacking half for the remainder of the game. The Vikings defense stepped to incoming Milpitas opportunities swiftly, which left the game at 3-0 until the final whistle.

The team will play again Tuesday, December 8th, at Oak Grove. Kickoff at 3:00 p.m.