Answers: What kind of commercial are you?

Answers: What kind of commercial are you?

Alys Olmstead, Editor-in-Chief

Thank you for participating in our quiz What kind of commercial are you? In connection to the Sporting their stuff story that was recently printed in Volume 9, Issue 3. Now the moment you have all been waiting for, the results!

Mostly A’s: Beast Mode Activated! You are Marshawn Lynch in the Skittles commercials. You may just come to school so you don’t get fined, but off the field you enjoy the simple things in life, like beanies, your hometown, and Skittles.

Mostly B’s: Air Jordan! You are the OG commercial star Michael Jordan. You are known for your stylish footwear and always carrying a water bottle to stay hydrated. You never know when Larry Bird is going to challenge you to a game of H-O-R-S-E.

Mostly C’s: Ick(e)y! You are Ickey Woods from the Geico commercials. You are always known for telling people how you really feel, and eating like nobody’s business. Just remember to give everyone a fair warning when you hit the dance floor.

Mostly D’s: McKillin’ It! You are a McDonald’s commercial. You are fast in all aspects of your life. You run fast, you finish your homework fast, you only watch TV in fast forward, and you love fast food. Remember to take your time once in a while to avoid indigestion.

If you don’t like the answer you got, just take the quiz again and pick all of the letter you want. Thanks for participating. These 15 minutes could have given you 15% or more of useless knowledge you probably don’t need to know about yourself.