Mapping it Out: Where Paly Athletes are Headed Next

As Paly seniors move towards their next adventures, several talented and dedicated athletes decided to commit to playing their respective sports at their chosen universities.


“I’m most excited about college swimming because of the community aspect of college athletics. Living together, a college team becomes your family away from home and I can’t wait to develop life-long bonds there.” – Arthur Balva, Princeton University

“I’m beyond excited and blessed to be a part of this amazing team and row on the beautiful mission bay”         – Emilie Yang, University of California, San Diego

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to compete next year with the best of the best at the collegiate level” – Sam Papp, University of California, Davis

“I entered Paly with zero cheerleading experience and after 4 years I am leaving ready to be a D1 athlete! I am so grateful for my coach and teammates and I am excited to continue to grow as an athlete!”      – Natalie Karel, Tulane University

“I am most excited about racing for 5 miles rather than 3 miles in cross country, and 10ks rather than the mile in track because for me, doubling the distance means double the fun.” – Alex Gao, University of Chicago

“I’m excited to train with and compete against some of the best swimmers in the country because it will push me to improve even further.” – Ethan Harington, Stanford University

“I’m excited about the team, making new friends, and continuing to improve and become a faster rower in a competitive but fun environment.” – Riley Amos, Smith College

“I am excited to play competitive golf for another four years against players at my skill in the North East and experience the courses in that region. Can’t wait to meet my coach and teammates.”             – Julian Galindo, Middlebury College

“Competing at new courses and on a whole new level. I can’t wait to be surrounded by a group of dedicated women who not only want to improve themselves but improve the team.” – Elizabeth Fetter, United States Military Academy at West Point

“I am so excited to be a part of the team at William & Mary and compete against some of the best gymnasts in the country on a regular basis.” – Jared Noyman, William and Mary College

“I’m excited to be in a competitive environment where I live with the team and keep improving.” – Charlie Miller, Occidental College

“I’m really excited to play with a coach and teammates who are Hispanic since I never had that in past basketball teams.” – Itzel Torres, Simpson University

“I’m very excited to be able to play at the next level. It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and I’m finally going to be living it.” – Russ Filter, Santa Clara University

“I’m looking forward to training with a group of such high-caliber athletes.” – Hillary Studdert, Stanford University

“I’m excited for the environment of collegiate running. I look forward to putting more time and energy into the sport I love.” – Kelvin Moresi, Macalester College

“I’m excited to meet everyone and play on a team that’s been super successful over the years!” – KaellaPeters, Whitman College

“After I tore my ACL I thought I would never play field hockey again. So I’m really excited for Conn because I am able to continue playing the sport I love while pursuing my major, which is the balance I was looking for.” – Kellyn Scheel, Connecticut College

“I’m hyped to run at the next level in the heart of NYC and extremely excited for the coach’s vision for the future at NYU.” – Lincoln Tutor, New York University

“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to swim at the next level and excited to test myself against some of the best swimmers in the world.” – Henry Gibbs, Georgia Institue of Technology

“I’d say I’m most excited for the opportunity to be challenged to play at the next level. I know I’ll have to continue to improve in order to be successful so I can’t wait to see how that goes.” – Asher Friedman, Oberlin College

“I am excited to play with some really high-quality players from all around the world and raise the level of my game. It’s always been a dream of mine to play in college” – Hunter Aronson, Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas

“I am very excited to get to play more games per week as well as gain a closer bond with the Emerson Team.” – Sal Meehan, Emerson University