Viking Tries Fishing

Ryan Chang and Christian Rider

In a time where there are screens all around us, we often forget the how beautiful the world is outside of our house. Shiny lakes, majestic trees, and wildlife all around us. That is what fishing is all about. The Viking staff went out and tried it out for ourselves.

There is an old saying that the early bird catches the worm. The same saying goes for fishing. Typically, fish bite the most in the morning. Therefore, for the true fishing experience you should try to wake up at five in the morning to fish for as long as you would like to.

Since you are waking up so early you will probably want something to eat. On the drive there, you can stop by to get food. There are plenty of fast food restaurants that are open at that hour. You can also stop by 7-Eleven to get snacks for the trip. If you want to eat healthier then you can always prepare something quick and easy at home. On the way back from you long trip you will probably want something to eat again. There will probably be a local restaurant around where you fish that serves great food. Since the restaurants are so close to the water, they will probably have fresh fish.

Fishing is a long and peaceful process. It all starts the night before you go out into the water you need to make sure you have all of your equipment ready. Obviously you need a rod, a hook, bait and a reel, but there is still more equipment you may require depending on where you are going. You will probably need a weight to help the bait sink to the bottom of the water and a fishing leader to connect the hook to the rod. On top of that you will probably want a knife to cut the lines and bait.

The most crucial material is the bait and there are many different types you can use. The most popular baits for lake fishing are worms and swimbaits. The more popular baits for ocean fishing are squid and anchovies. You can get all of these things at a local bait shop or a WalMart. When going to a new lake, look for the nearest bait and tackle shop. There you can buy rods, reels, fishing licenses, and all sorts of baits, both live and artificial. You can also ask the workers there what kind of fish are located in the lake, since they fish at the lake often, and what would be the best type of bait to cast. If you are sixteen years old or older then you will need to buy a fishing license. There are also rules on what to do with the fish. If a fish is not long enough then you cannot take it home and you have to release it (most lakes the fish has to be past 10-12 inches). So if your fish is not up to par, you better not be scared of touching the fish because you’re going to have to unhook the fish and toss it back in the water. After everything is setup and you understand the laws of where you’re going, you are ready to fish.

There are many different types of fishing you can do in the Bay Area. You can go to the delta and get all kinds of salmon. You can go to Monterey or San Francisco and get all kinds of rock fish. This time the Viking staff went nearby to Foothill Park and went fishing in the lake. We weren’t so lucky and got a grand total of zero bites. But that is the beauty of fishing. You could have a day where you catch no fish and a day where you catch twenty. You just never know when the fish are going to bite.

Catching the fish is only part of the fun. The reason why fishing is enjoyed so much is the overall experience. You are outdoors and you have peaceful scenery around you. The air is fresh, the lakes are shiny, and the trees all around you are as majestic as you’d imagine. When all of these factors are put together you get a feeling of relaxation and appreciation for the outdoors that you’ve never had before. There is also a lot of down to time for you to socialize with your fishing mates, having a nice conversation next to the lake. Last but not least, the satisfaction of finally getting a bite and landing the fish is incredible.

The benefits of fishing at foothill is that Palo Alto residents get to go there for free. It is also very beautiful. However, in all honesty it is not the best fishing spot. A fisher should always research the lake before going if they are looking to catch fish or just to take in the scenery. There are plenty of lakes or ponds around the area that have fish, some lakes will even let you rent a boat to take out on the lake. If you are just looking for a place to relax with your friends and family, Foothill is the spot.