Mascots vs. MascNOTS

Mascots in professional sports can truly make or break the experience of attending a game. We decided to rank the top 5 best and bottom 5 worst mascots in professional sports.


Here’s our Top 5

1. Stuff the Magic Dragon — Orlando Magic

Taking the number one spot on our list is Stuff the Magic Dragon from the Orlando Magic. Just look at him… he’s everything you want in a mascot. From the colorful fit to having his own theme song, no other mascot can even compare to this legend.

2. Benny the Bull — Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls did something right when choosing Benny the Bull to represent their team. His energy at games and interactions with fans really pushed him towards the top of our list.

3. Dinger — Colorado Rockies

There’s no doubt in our minds that Dinger from the Colorado Rockies is the cutest mascot out there, but what really makes him stand out is his backstory. He was inspired by the discovery of a seven foot long triceratops fossil underneath the Coors Stadium. How cool is that? 

4. Blooper — Atlanta Braves

Created by fans back in 2018, Blooper from the Atlanta Braves is pretty new to the mascot scene yet has made a stunning first impression. He’s hilarious at games and even makes his way around the community hoping to leave a smile on everyone’s face. Next time you’re in Atlanta, head on over to the Truist Park and meet the man himself.

5. Phillie Phanatic — Philadelphia Phillies

When pro sport mascots are brought up, the first one that comes to mind is probably going to be Phillie Phanatic of the Philadelphia Phillies. The classic green fur and oversized chucks makes his look one of the most recognizable and simply iconic.


And the Bottom 5

 1. Gritty — Philadelphia Flyers

While Gritty may be beloved by Philadelphia Flyers fans, we could not get past the horrifying look on his face. Standing at a whopping 7ft, Gritty looks like something out of a nightmare. 

2. The Gorilla — Phoenix Suns

One look at the Phoenix Suns Gorilla and you are sure to question how the Gorilla is allowed around children. What should be a fun and playful mascot is merely a man running around in a lifelike Gorilla suit, which is not something we want to see while attending a basketball game.

3. Captain Fear — Tampa Bay Buccaneers

His name is literally Captain Fear. Not only does he strike fear into fans but his creepy stare will leave you questioning if you’ll want to return to watch another game. The combination of a unibrow and an odd mustache is something that cannot be appealing to anyone.

4. Harvey the Hound — Calgary Flame

Although he is iconic for being the first NHL mascot, Harvey the Hound is actually quite terrifying. Said to be standing at 6’6 and weighing 200 lbs, this oversized dog is not something you want to see while trying to enjoy a hockey game. Although we are not fond of Harvey the Hound, we have to admit his wacky long tongue is something pleasant about the monster.

5. Spartacat — Ottawa Senators

This creepy looking lion is sure to leave fans wishing they watched the game from home. Spartacat’s mane is disturbingly similar to human hair which surprisingly makes his huge frightening eyes not even the worst thing about him.