Palo Alto boys varsity soccer defeats Wilcox 2-1

Elizabeth Fetter

The Palo Alto High School boys Varsity soccer team bested the formidable Wilcox High School’s team yesterday evening, 2-1.


The game started off somewhat poorly for the vikes, when Wilcox scored an early goal, putting Paly at a 1-0 disadvantage.


“That early goal for Wilcox was stressful,” Junior Jonas Pao said, “because it meant they had the advantage from the outset.”


Despite these stressors, though, the team kept their cool, eventually scoring two more goals. 


These goals were scored by senior right-back Adam Finnis and junior forward Rhys Foote in the first half.


“The whole team was hyped on their goals,” Junior Isaac Kirby said, “It brought a great energy.”


Coming back from being down is always a challenge for athletes. Pao reflects on this challenge, and how the team reacted to it, as opposed to last year. 


“It definitely showed a change in our team since last year.” Pao said, “Last year I feel like we couldn’t have come back from being down but with this team we can and will.”


In the second half of the game, the defense played strongly. Their effort prevented the wildcats from scoring, and ensured the vikings would end the game with a victory.


Something that was a bit unusual in this game was the aggression of the other team. 


“They were surprisingly physical.” Pao said, “And that was just something we had to deal with, but it doesn’t make it any more okay.” 


Overall the team is happy and excited to be back on a winning streak.


“We’re super excited to go out there and play new teams, and hopefully win,” Pao said.