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Emma Beckstrom

Shannon Scheel ('12) and fellow Viking staff members cheer on the one and only Jeremy Lin.

Shannon Scheel, Columnist

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You know the phrase “these things don’t happen every day?” Well reader, that’s because they don’t. Not for kids (well technically I am an adult) at Paly, or any high schooler for that matter. Last Friday Night, I didn’t dance on table tops with Katy Perry. Instead, on The Viking’s first ever New York trip, I saw the hometown hero doing it big up in the MSG. And all puns aside…I went Linsane.

This entire experience brought a critical realization to my mind: the hometown hero, no matter who or what they are, has arguably the most monumental impact on a community of any other individual. Obviously the Viking staff is already quite a spirited bunch: cheering at sporting events is second nature, and as I’m planning on attending a collegiate institution with D1 sports, support and go-for-the-gusto enthusiasm, this was just a warm up. But this was JLin, our boy!! We waved our sign, screamed our hearts out and collapsed shortly afterwards (but not to the point where I couldn’t bounce off the walls of my hotel room. I would rise above the tiredness.)

It hit me then, bound with my comrades, around a common cause. The presence of a hometown hero, as corny as it sounds, is an imperative aspect of a sporting experience. Not only does it add to the intensity of the game, but also it exemplifies the values of a community. Jeremy Lin, yes he’s been all over the news. But it matters even more to Palo Alto residents: he is the embodiment of hard work, passion, and everything that our high school stands for. He is the role model that each athlete in our community strives to be; an inspiration to many. Like I said, so many clichés. But wouldn’t you agree that each of them are true, reader?

So, yes. Not only am I riding that bandwagon , but I am the driver of the cart, whipping the horses and yelling “giddyap.” (I realize whipping horses might offend a certain person on our staff who is very passionate about those animals. For that I apologize.) That bandwagon isn’t only toting New York Knicks fans around, but people who want something to cheer for; someone who comes from their same background and sets the example for what youngins from Palo Alto High School, the city of Palo Alto, and beyond can achieve. As I learned while in my Empire State of Mind, you will rise above and reach for the skies above. That is the magic of Linsanity, kids. It’s quite simple.

So, whether you are reading this as a proud Palo Altan or you dwell somewhere else within this great nation of ours, I encourage you to look for the hometown heros and support their cause. Not all of them will be in sports, or on as large of a scale as Jeremy Lin by any means. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Sometimes, you have to pull some strings to move the natural log-like barriers in order to clear your perspective. Who knows…that hometown hero could be closer than you think, and you want to hear the message. Because I guarantee it’s a good one.

Until next time…Scheel is out.


P.S. Shoutout to the one and only Big Sean for the inspiration of the title of this column.

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